5 Growth Hacking Techniques That Helped Famous Businesses Gain More Customers Quickly

There are countless examples of successful growth hacking campaigns but we will only talk about some that brought in some huge results for those that used them. Try to learn as much as you can about them in order to find brand new ways in which you could grow your business. Growth hacking is definitely highly effective at doing just that.


As Twitter started it managed to quickly gain publicity because of the new model it proposed but continuous use was not something that was happening. Most of the Twitter accounts just signed up and did not remain active. The company decided not to use traditional marketing as it started doing a lot of in-depth testing in order to develop a really god user interface that can offer a wonderful experience.

In this case growth hacking was used as a way to get information about the users. Twitter learned various things and implemented new strategies. For instance, it was shown that when users followed a number of accounts during the first day after account creation there was a huge possibility that the account would be active. Twitter made numerous changes that eventually led to taking advantage of what people wanted, offering exactly that as their growth strategy.


The website is now a business that handles billions of dollars but when it initially appeared, it was a very good email campaign that managed to boost everything. Then, a huge move by the marketing department was to abuse Craigslist spam. Airbnb practically utilized Craigslist in order to locate houses that were available for rent. Then it reached out to renters and told them about the possibility to place ads on Airbnb as a better option than Craigslist. This brought in thousands of new users, with the networking becoming viral really fast. The network that already existed in Craigslist was used with huge success.

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Facebook was faced with so many problems when it initially started growing. Users were not gained fast so growth hacking was utilized. Various strategies were implemented. For instance, Facebook started to offer embeddable widgets and badges people could post on their blogs and websites with a link to a Facebook page. That created millions of signups.

In the developing countries we saw Facebook buying different service providers. This was done with the purpose of taking advantage of email technology created. Then, advertising campaigns were utilized in order to get really desirable users. Inventive strategies led to people that were influential to become users.


What many do not realize is that at its basis, YouTube is a search engine. In the beginning it was a way to share videos and it did grow through growth hacking. As you were around to watch a video on the network you were offered an embed code really fast in order to share on other social networks or on websites. Instead of focusing on how to convince people to share, the site simply offered this option from the start, thus creating the viral loop that is a fundamental part of a growth hacking strategy.


The way in which LinkedIn grew from 2 million accounts to a huge 200 million user base was through a simple growth hacking technique: users were offered a really simple way to create a public profile. That made it really easy for the accounts to appear in search engines through an organic search. As you utilize Google Search to look for titles, companies or people, some of the first results are LinkedIn profiles. Before the social network made profiles public, searching a name did bring in many different results that were not properly organized. LinkedIn grew because of the public profiles.

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