How To Boost Small Business Cause Marketing Strategies

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By Adrian Cruce

Small business owners from all around the world understand the fact that the consumer is likely to change the preferred brand when there is an association with a cause that is important for them. This is possible when we have similar price and quality. Because of this, small businesses should seriously consider using cause marketing strategies. They are effective and can bring in drastic profit increases.

The problem is that cause marketing is difficult. There is a social responsibility that appears and you want to be sure that the impact is as high as possible. Because of this, when you want to boost small business cause marketing strategies, it is important to consider the following three aspects.

Choosing The Right Cause

The brand has to pick one cause that is appropriate based on the target audience’s values. As an example, Dove found out in the past that just 2% of all women thought they were beautiful. Because of this the Real Beauty campaign appeared. The result was really interesting, an increase in sales by 60%.

Communicating The Message

Consumers basically want the companies to talk about the causes that are supported. If the brand tries to talk about corporate social responsibilities and does not properly mention what the firm really supports. Ambiguity is quite common and would lead towards misconceptions. You have to be transparent in your company communication and always talk about the cause that your firm represents, together with why that is the case.

Raising Awareness

A cause can be promoted through videos or website pages. This would be impossible if you would not invite people to raise awareness and if you would not raise awareness. You want to be aware of the fact that millennials do want the business to make it really easy for a consumer to raise awareness. It does not matter if the campaign is environmental, economy or health related.

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Always make sure that you ask users to take part in the online conversation, share on a social media page and follow blogs. As an example, Patagonia focused on being environmentally responsible. A part of the campaign included a feature where buyers received care and repair guides to be used in order to make clothes last for a longer period of time. The engagement was created by sharing personal stories related to the experience had when wearing Patagonia clothes.

It has been proven that people are much more willing to pay a higher amount for services and products that are offered by companies that are committed to making a truly positive environmental and social impact. You basically want to improve the entire world while brand success is increased when using cause marketing.