About us

Monetary Library is a financial related blog. You can get professional tips on Business, Finance, Investment, Insurance, Marketing, Real Estate and other money related topics. Our information is provided by expert authors who have previous experience in those areas.

Founder & – Boris Dzhingarov

profileBoris Dzhingarov is the founder of Monetary Library. He graduated the University of National and World Economy in Sofia, Bulgaria with major Marketing.

After spending a lot of time learning business, he managed to create a very lucrative and profitable company, creating dozens of websites in various niches and making them profitable. He launched Monetary Library with the purpose of helping those that were under his situation: no clue about marketing, making money and business in general.

Content Manager & Author – Adrian Cruce

Adrian CruceAdrian graduated from 2 Romanian universities, with majors in IT Marketing and Economy.

He started working as a freelance content writer in 2003 and specialized in marketing and business. The experience he gained from researching and writing for others let him to building his own online network of websites, monetizing them and then launching a brick and mortar company a few years ago. He now shares his experience and knowledge about business on Monetary Library and manages the content offered.