3 Innovative Ways To Use Tablets in Your B2B Company

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By Dzhingarov

Tablets are no longer just an accessory for the sales team of a B2B company, they are an effective tool that allow salespeople to be more efficient and to provide a potential client with all the information needed in order to make the decision to purchase a product or service. A tablet allows sales teams to display interactive presentation, to offer a demo in front of the customer, to perform various CRM activities, to present sales videos, to share important files and information with clients and other tasks that make the selling process easier.

In case you want to upgrade your sales team tablet game, here are 3 innovative ways to use tablets in your B2B company:

Create Product Catalogs

Creating PDF catalogs with photo galleries of your B2B company’s products is a very simple but efficient way to show your potential clients all your products. Instead of using printed brochures, catalogs and other printed documents, you can equip the sales team with a tablet that will allow them to show your products catalog to potential clients and also to make sales directly from the tablet.

The portability and interactivity of tablets allow salespeople to deliver better presentations and to accelerate the selling process. The photo gallery can include numerous perspectives of the same product, you can have more images and detailed presentations of each product without worrying about the cost of printing the catalog.

Create Interactive Content

Tablets are easier to handle than laptops and they should be used to display interactive content that will allow potential clients to discover the benefits of a product faster than browsing through pages of information. Also, using a tablet instead of a laptop allows sales teams to engage potential clients in a different way, they can let them discover a presentation by themselves without interference. It’s one thing to show a presentation and another one to allow the potential client to browse through it and spend more time on details they care about and less on details they are not interested in.

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When it comes to the interactive content, B2B companies have to create presentations that will capture the audience. Do some research and determine which is the best way to present a product, it might be a video, it might be pictures, it might be text or graphics. Learn about your audience and use tablets to deliver what our potential clients want to see before making the decision to purchase products from the category you promote.

Transform Tablets Into POS

Mobile technology has revolutionized the way direct sales are handled and B2B companies should get on board and use tablets to create better shopping experiences for their clients.

In order to provide an amazing experience for your customers, you have to make sure that the transactions are secured. If you really want to impress your clients, use a personalized mPOS designated for your B2B company.

This simple but innovative way to use tablets boosts profits and decreases costs. It also allows salespeople to make sales faster and without spending a lot of time exchanging paperwork through email or in person.