3 Ways To Use Tablets In Your Client Pitches

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By Dzhingarov

A sales pitch can be stressful and even boring if the presentation is not interesting enough to keep everyone focused and excited. The best way to ensure the audience’s interest is at its highest levels, is to make sure the sales pitch is not actually a sales pitch, but a dynamic presentation that will make the audience to want to know more and more about the product or service that is presented to them.

The benefits of using a tablet during your client pitches are endless, but, if you are not convinced, here are some of the most important ones:

  • The possibility of using mixed media
  • The possibility of having a real interaction with your clients
  • Fast access to files and folders
  • The potential clients can get involved easily
  • Saving money – not printing brochures, flyers and other classic promotional materials can save you a lot of money

Now that we mentioned some of the benefits, it is time to talk a little bit about some ways to use tablets in your client pitches. We have 3 suggestions for you, but we are sure once you get used to the idea, you’ll be able to find more.

  1. Mixed Media

Even though we mentioned mixed media as a benefit, we have to include it here as well, because tablets offer multiple opportunities you shouldn’t miss.

Using a video instead of paper brochures can definitely have a huge impact on your audience. You’ll make people to pay attention to what you have to say and you can convince them your company is the best option for them in a much faster and easier way. Stimulating two of their senses – vision and hearing, is definitely better than stimulating only one sense.

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A tablet can also allow you to show details of a product that cannot be seen in a classic printed picture. You are able to zoom in and to focus on various details of the product, to rotate the tablet to show it better and, basically, to involve the audience in the entire presentation by using an interactive way to showcase your product.

PDF, word documents and power point presentations can also be used on a tablet so there is no need to worry you want be able to show some written words too

  1. Interactivity

If you really want to impress your audience, you can offer them the tablet to browse through the presentation on their own, while you talk about the product. As long as you keep people engage, you have more chances to make a sale. Let people scroll through the topics of the presentation and decide which topics they want to hear about first.

  1. Sales Pitch Presentations To Large Audiences

It is hard to keep a person focused on a sales pitch, but to keep an entire room interested is 100 times harder. Tablets help to maintain the level of interest pretty high if they are used properly. Distributing tablets to all the participants can be a way to make people focused on your product and not on their personal mobile devices. If you created a great, tablet appropriate presentation with representative pictures and interactive tools, it is guaranteed the audience will be enchanted by your modern vision.