5 Apps That Can Help Growth Hack Your B2B Enterprise

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By Adrian Cruce

Business owners and B2B markets always look for ways in which the company can be grown. Growth hacking is an option that is almost always considered because of the simple reason that it works. It will locate highly effective marketing channels and can connect with potential clients in a much more effective way than others. However, growth hacking is not at all easy. You basically need all the help that you can get.

Fortunately, various tools and apps are available for B2B enterprises interested in growth hacking. We offer some great examples to consider below.


This is basically a highly useful sales automation platform you can use in order to launch an email marketing campaign that is not going to feel cold. You can use A/B testing on copies, subjects, set up auto follow-ups based on schedule, receive highly detailed analytics so that outreach can be optimized and set specific triggered calls. The platform will help deal with various problems B2B marketers have, impacting fundraising, business development, sales and account management.


This app will allow you to easily schedule meetings you could use in order to grow the business. You no longer have to spend a lot of time communicating with your team and the flexibility that becomes available is huge. Meetings can easily be scheduled from an easy-to-use interface. At the same time, the app is useful to increase sales speed and lead generation campaigns. Basically, the business saves a lot of management time that can be used to increase sales.

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Through Buzzsumo you can find many new specific and relevant content topics or even keywords that are going to be of interest for your intended customers. This means you can create content that is engaging and relevant. People are going to share on their social media profile pages, leading to higher strategic click through actions. You can also use it in order to research the competition, offering information about the content that is highly popular, together with performance details.


You may want to use Colibri if you need to look for options that would increase online visibility and brand awareness. The user basically learns about conversations about the business or brands. That can easily go towards generating new leads by gaining potential user attention while automatically increasing customer experience as social reach is automatically improved. Data about customer pain points is incredibly important in growth hacking. Alternatively, you can just use it in order to learn about trends and gain other insights from what the competition is doing.

Grow Sumo

The last app recommended has to be Grow Sumo, although it is not actually a direct tool. This is a community that allows you to get in touch with industry professionals, influencers, affiliates, agencies and even review sites. That would help to drive more sales and you can even use Grow Sumo to create a reseller or an affiliate program for your B2B business. Such an approach is highly useful as you can get influencers to work for you and directly increase sales.

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