6 Mistakes App Development Start-Ups Too Often Make

Mobile devices are quickly conquering the world. Soon everyone will have at least a smartphone or a tablet that they would use to go mobile. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise to see how many start-ups appear in app development. The problem is that most of them fail. If you have a really great app idea it is not enough to succeed but unfortunately, so many entrepreneurs believe this is all that is needed. That is definitely not the case.

There are numerous mistakes app development start-ups tend to make. We will only focus on those that are really common and quite dangerous. Every single one of these can ruin the entire company.

Unclear App Idea/Plan

When you are a start-up and you do not have a really clear idea about everything connected with the app, failure is expected. This includes design, functionality and architecture. Before the app is developed, you want to get all the information you need by investigating similar market businesses. See how your app can be user-friendly and take advantage of the experience of those that know more than you. An idea is never enough if the plan is not a good one.

The Wrong App Platform

Deciding whether to go for cross-platform or native platform is a necessity in app development. Both of these options have advantages and disadvantages. What you have to do is weigh the cons and pros. The appropriate platform will highly depend on what app type you develop. Since you are starting out on this road, native app platforms are often better.

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Not Taking Advantage Of Outsource Development

In reality, this is something that tends to make the startup grow faster and app development becomes more stable. Startups normally focus on the low budget in-house developers but that can be quite expensive. Outsourcing is an alternative that really has to be considered since the most experienced app development companies are going to offer something of a higher quality than what an in-house coder can. Just be sure that the one you work with is actually really good at the job.

Too Many Changes During Development Phase

This is totally not acceptable. Working with a really good app development company automatically means transparency appears. Problems have to be solved as soon as they appear. If you make too many changes during development phase, everything becomes hectic. New problems appear and the code has to be rewritten. Frictions appear between budgets and deadlines and control can quickly be lost.

Not Properly Estimating Costs

When you make the app live there are various expenditures that appear like UI design, app development, app marketing and app maintenance. Before the app is developed you need to know as exactly as possible how much it is going to cost the company. Consult with the developer and always keep a tight grip on finances.

Marketing Only After The App Is Submitted

The value of app marketing cannot be dismissed. When you market before you submit the app you have a much higher chance that sales will increase because of visibility growth. Marketing the app only after it is published is a really bad idea as you miss out on the launch. Having some sort of audience available before the app is officially launched can be the difference between startup failure and success.

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