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Baskin-Robbins is an award-winning ice cream franchise known for their wide range of flavors and low startup costs, making them an attractive franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins founded Baskin-Robbins separately in 1945 and combined in 1948 to form Baskin-Robbins.


Starting a Baskin Robbins franchise costs depend on numerous factors, including initial investment and operating expenses. However, the company offers extensive training for their franchisees, helping them select an optimal location for their store as well as marketing support and specialized equipment that can attract customers while increasing profits.

Baskin Robbins franchise models provide low start-up costs and high profit margins, making them an attractive option for new business owners. On average, Baskin Robbins stores sell over half a million dollars annually and offer products to meet any taste imaginable; thus enabling franchisees to recoup their investments within 4-8 years.

To lower overall startup costs, focus on cutting your overhead costs by improving inventory management, optimizing labor and food costs, improving customer service and increasing sales. Furthermore, make use of digital marketing strategies to attract a larger audience and drive additional sales.

Starting a Baskin Robbins franchise requires at least $150,000, including initial and ongoing fees. Your investment may increase if you opt for drive-thru locations or operate independently in standalone buildings, and additionally they charge a royalty fee of 5.9% as well as advertising fund fee of 5% of gross sales.


Ice cream business can be lucratively rewarding. Baskin Robbins franchisees enjoy world-renowned service from their franchisor, providing them with extensive training and support so that their franchisees are successful – increasing brand recognition while building customer loyalty for your product line. Investing in Baskin Robbins franchise will allow you to quickly get up and running and start making money quickly and profitably.

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The brand’s wide variety of frozen desserts attracts an audience from both generations – millennials and baby boomers. Franchisees benefit from its pre-existing reputation and vast profit margin; additionally, assistance is given by the company in marketing stores through social media and advertisements.

Baskin Robbins offers store designs to fit almost any location, with real estate and construction experts ready to assist with site selection, build-out, design options, global recognition and brand presence helping ensure customers can easily locate a Baskin Robbins near them.

Additionally, the company provides financial assistance through third party lenders; amounts depend on your program and creditworthiness. This presents entrepreneurs who share an enthusiasm for ice cream with sufficient experience and capital to start their own business an excellent opportunity. With over 7,700 locations worldwide and 31 flavors such as Mint Chocolate Chip and Pralines ‘n Cream – as well as attractive startup costs with quick payback time frames of 10 years – Dairy Queen stands as a premier international ice cream brand that offers financial support through third-party lenders for entrepreneurs interested in starting their own venture.


Baskin Robbins offers site selection and development assistance to franchisees of any store format: freestanding stores or end caps – to help make their dreams of opening a franchise store come true. Their training programs, both classroom and on-the-job training courses, provide invaluable experience. Established over 70 years ago and still going strong today, this company boasts a rich legacy and proven system for growing franchise businesses.

As part of its franchise selection process, a company carefully considers potential franchisees’ financial stability and credit histories before selecting candidates that share its ambitions and values as well as food industry experience and management skills.

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This brand offers an expansive training program, covering everything from marketing to operations. This consists of classroom-based technical training, online learning management systems and hands-on training in a certified training shop. In addition, quarterly meetings for franchisees provide the perfect forum to share best practices.

This franchise offers a selection of 31 premium ice cream flavors and desserts. Consumers love this popular product and its good reputation makes it ideal for anyone who seeks to own an influential global brand with lucrative returns on their investments. Furthermore, its name and image provide ample opportunities for advertising and promotion, plus it’s flexible franchise model allows your business to expand as needed.


Baskin Robbins is one of the largest chains of specialty ice cream shops. Established by Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins in 1945, their chain now encompasses more than 7,300 locations globally and offers an assortment of flavors for their ice cream, cakes, beverages, desserts and healthy options such as sorbet and frozen yogurt.

Success for this company lies with its powerful brand name and expansive franchise network, drawing customers worldwide. Additionally, this brand provides extensive support to franchisees – helping them select an optimal store location; providing training resources; as well as aiding with setting up and opening up.

To qualify as a Baskin-Robbins franchisee, you must possess both financial resources and an ambitious desire to succeed in the food industry. Furthermore, you should possess management and development abilities for multiple locations over time while having the capacity to negotiate with real estate agents as well as understand local markets.

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Applying for a Baskin-Robbins restaurant franchise involves filling out and submitting an online application form to the company. They then review your financial qualifications; if these meet their standards, they will contact you regarding site selection, contract terms and signature agreements; additionally you will have to attend a three-week training program in Braintree, Massachusetts.