The Best 4 CRM Tools For Small Businesses

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By Dzhingarov

CRM (customer relationship management) software is highly important for the business to get customer relationship to the next level while managing relevant customer data and information. There are various different CRM tools that the small businesses can use these days with huge success. The following are the ones that you absolutely have to take into account since they are definitely among the very best.

HubSpot CRM

This is, no doubt, one of the very best CRM tools out there. It can be used in connection with other products from HubSpot or as standalone. What is really interesting is that you get most of the tools that you are going to need without having to pay anything. You basically get the many different necessary features you want in CRM software but do not have to deal with a confusing complexity. The biggest advantage is that it is free and the interface will be customizable.

Use HubSpot CRM in order to create highly detailed contact profiles, track and assign deals, control employee performance and even organize corporate activities on just one dashboard for all designated users to view and work on.


Pipedrive is acknowledged as a wonderful CRM program for the “small teams with big ambitions”. This is a really fast growing private company that is now servicing around 50,000 businesses from around the world. The software is offered in order to make sales organized and control as much of the process as possible. Tracking and managing everything related to deals is possible so the entire team can be more successful by working smarter.

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Pipdrive is mainly utilized by small businesses and freelancers across various different industries. However, it works really great in environments that are sales focused as it can help a lot in managing deals with a huge spotlight put on getting the very best customers while creating a great lead collection.


This CRM software is launched by Freshdesk and is a part of its software lineup. It gives you access to the various tools that you need in order to capture leads in a reliable way while tracking events and more. Now it is among the very best of the CRM applications as it is recognized as being an incredible option for those that have to manage thousands of effective leads. The interface is really easy to navigate and includes various streamlining tools that are great at prioritizing pipeline opportunities, highlight rich insights and optimize sales.

A very big part of the performance offered is highlighting where the leads come from. With the use of the CRM you can distribute, divide, score, nurture and even verify leads coming through various different communication channels.


The CRM software will help you to make sales channel details much better. You utilize it in order to build customer relationships, deliver projects, meet requirements and accelerate sales. Many features like opportunity management, comprehensive contact management, task management, event management, advanced data management and workflow automation are included.

Insightly can be integrated with various apps that make this a highly extensible platform. For instance, you can use it to incorporate with Google so that you can connect records to sheets, slides, docs and emails. Just be sure that you are going to take the time to set up everything in a proper way.

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