Best Franchises to Own Right Now

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By Toma Bonev

Picking out the appropriate franchises to own is an individual decision based on personal interests, finances and location considerations.

Franchises may require significant initial investments and ongoing fees, yet can still be profitable. Top franchises have an astonishing 63.3% higher likelihood of succeeding over three years than average small businesses.


Chick-Fil-A is known for its strong brand recognition and loyal customer base, both of which can drive business to your restaurant. Chick-Fil-A also provides comprehensive training and support for franchisees opening locations – this includes help with site selection, construction and marketing strategies. Finally, its low franchise fee makes this an affordable investment option for entrepreneurs looking for expansion.

Before becoming approved as a Chick-Fil-A franchisee, a multi-week training program must be completed. This will teach you everything needed to run the business from hiring and training employees to providing outstanding customer service. Furthermore, commitment must be shown towards making this business your full-time pursuit as the training will provide invaluable skills that you can apply in other entrepreneurial pursuits.

Chick-fil-A’s franchise model differs from other fast food chains in that they do not refer to their owners as franchisees, instead calling them operators instead and with no equity ownership in their outlets. Chick-fil-A owns and controls each location, meaning your franchise cannot be passed onto family members when retiring or changing careers, making wealth accumulation harder and making selling your franchise difficult.

Chick-fil-A franchise ownership requires significant time and energy investment. You must dedicate yourself fully to this business endeavor while being prepared to spend a considerable amount of money; their strict screening process takes many months or even a year to complete!

To be successful, you need the perfect blend of skills and personality. For example, strong leadership and communication abilities as well as the ability to motivate employees are necessary elements. Furthermore, having an in-depth knowledge of business finances as well as local laws that affect it are also vital components. Be mindful of legislation like that prohibiting Chick-fil-A from opening its stores on Sundays; although this bill might affect some locations’ bottom lines negatively but serves a positive function in protecting religious freedoms is crucial.

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Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware is the world’s premier retailer-owned cooperative hardware franchise. Their unique business model fosters local entrepreneurship and community engagement while offering national brand support, exclusive product offerings for franchisees in certain markets and exclusive line offerings from the brand itself. Customers receive high quality products at fair prices while giving franchisees a distinct competitive advantage against their competition.

As the owner of an Ace store, you will benefit from building relationships with DIY enthusiasts, contractors and commercial customers – from DIYers and contractors alike – who trust in your products. Their loyalty can help build a thriving, sustainable business; but as its manager you must work tirelessly managing inventory, staffing needs and customer service for optimal business operations.

The company’s retail cooperative model allows franchisees to learn from each other. Furthermore, their national and regional advertising campaigns help boost sales; plus there is training provided so your business runs successfully.

Ace Hardware offers excellent opportunities for both experienced and new franchisees alike, thanks to their expansive store network that serves a national presence while their global distribution system ensures market localization. Plus, Ace offers its franchisees extensive marketing and merchandising support!

Franchisees must attend NSN University, an intensive three-day training program, for on-site and classroom instruction. You’ll learn about the company’s history and culture as well as operating an Ace hardware store successfully. Furthermore, this program can assist with assessing both your business model and financial potential.

Starting your career in home improvement by purchasing either an existing or new ACE Hardware franchise can be an ideal way to launch yourself into the home improvement industry. An existing location gives you instant customer access and revenue stream while purchasing a franchise gives more control over location, design and layout of your store.

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Finding the appropriate store type can be a difficult decision. Many factors should be taken into account, including market conditions, competition and demographics of your community. Be sure to seek legal advice and conduct extensive research prior to making any definitive decisions.

Burger King

Franchises offer new entrepreneurs looking to launch their own businesses a great way to achieve both stability and support while also offering ample room for growth and innovation. It is essential that new entrepreneurs explore all available franchise options until finding one that best meets their needs; such as finding one with strong mission statements and values they support as well as understanding financial requirements and ongoing responsibilities of owning one.

When selecting a franchise, it’s also important to pay attention to its culture and brand image. A franchise with an excellent reputation will have greater chances of succeeding in today’s challenging economy – this is why selecting one with a history of supporting local charities or community organizations may be most advantageous.

Burger King prides itself on having an exceptional corporate culture that contributes to its franchise’s success. Training and support for employees are prioritized while operational guidelines ensure consistency across locations. Furthermore, this company prioritizes customer service improvements as well as creating a pleasant work environment in order to foster customer loyalty and increase profits.

Burger King has long been recognized for promoting a healthier lifestyle through its nutrition choices and initiatives, such as providing salads and smoothies as fast food items. Furthermore, it partners with major movie studios to promote new movies; in 1977 alone it held a promotion featuring posters and drinking glasses related to Star Wars!

Burger King’s corporate culture and strategy have enabled it to remain competitive in the global fast-food industry. It has established an outstanding brand name that is well known throughout its international operations; in particular it enjoys strong recognition in the US. As one of the world’s largest quick service restaurants it offers multiple business models in order to meet consumer demands for specific products.

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Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is one of the world’s best-known restaurant franchises, offering dine-in, takeout and delivery services with an expansive menu that features pizza, pasta, wings, breadsticks and other side dishes. Established by Dan and Frank Carney in Wichita Kansas in 1958 and currently operating more than 18,000 locations globally as part of Yum! Brands (also owned by KFC and Taco Bell).

Pizza is an iconic global treat. As such, its global popularity should come as no surprise. A delicious snack choice with numerous customizable toppings and sauce options available worldwide, pizza makes for a convenient meal option anytime of day; especially when enjoyed alongside beverages such as sodas, water or beer!

Are You Thinking About Opening a Pizza Franchise? There are numerous advantages associated with owning your own franchise, such as growth opportunities, aligning with entrepreneurial passions and community involvement. Franchisees also receive training and ongoing support services; in addition, some franchisees donate a portion of profits to charities.

Pizza Hut may have become an iconic brand name, yet they continue to innovate and create new products. Recently they introduced gluten-free pizza as well as making an effort to use local ingredients in their products and providing vegetarian and vegan options.

Pizza Hut offers an ideal opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to launch their own businesses, with low startup costs making it an accessible investment and strong brand recognition ensuring its success.

Pizza Hut has earned an excellent reputation for their customer service. Their customer service team offers assistance for any queries or needs you may have; they will work closely with you in selecting an ideal location, creating a comprehensive business plan and negotiating lease agreements – helping your franchise start operating successfully from day one!