The Business Etiquette in Norway

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By Dzhingarov

Doing business in Norway can be quite lucrative. If you visit the country you will be tempted to believe that there is not much potential for large business deals but that is definitely not the case. We are talking about a financial paradise right in Europe, with various interesting opportunities that are available. The country warmly recommends investors but you need to seriously consider learning as much as possible about business etiquette in Norway before you go there. That will help you to sign the best possible deal.

Do You Need To Know Norwegian?

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While the official language is Norwegian and you will definitely be really happy that you know some words as it will be hard to move around if you don’t, when it comes to business, you will love the fact that many know English. At the same time, most of the citizens understand Finnish. It is actually a minority language. Be as respectful as possible and make sure that you try to learn at least hello and goodbye in Norwegian. Every small word goes a long way.

Living In Norway As A Businessman

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If you want to live in the country and do business there, you should be aware of the fact that costs are quite high. At the same time, you have to learn some things about the region where you will move or where you will do business. In some regions you will need to be careful with society and cultural rules as you need to be known. Trust is hard to gain in Norway and you will want to establish some sort of trust before the tough stages of negotiations start.

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Meeting Rules in Norway

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If you are on a business trip to Norway you should definitely know a thing or two about their meeting rules. First of all, greetings are quite casual represented by a firm handshake and certainly direct eye contact which is a must in the business world. Smiling can also prove to be quite helpful when you meet Norwegians because they are happy people who always enjoy a relaxed atmosphere.

Norwegians are in most cases casual and quite equalitarian so you should focus on that whenever you have an upcoming business meeting with a Norwegian so as to act the same way and immediately create a friendly atmosphere. Although they are quite casual, do not hurry up to get to using first names and rather wait to be invited for it in case your new Norwegian friend has not already done this right from the beginning. They are always punctual and they will expect you to be the same. Also, do not forget to shake hands and always say goodbye individually each time you either arrive or depart from a business meeting.

The business etiquette in Norway is not too different from the business etiquette in other countries of the world. What makes this country special is the nice character of its inhabitants and the way in which they manage to be so friendly even when business is the occasion for the meeting. They manage to make you feel relaxed and 100% welcomed in their country. Make sure you make them feel comfortable as well by acting natural yet not too friendly during a business meeting.

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