Change is inevitable! So are the SEO trends in 2021

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By Adrian Cruce

SEO is continuously evolving with the digital world and even the best SEO services in Sydney need an effective way to engage customers. They improve SEO performance and you need to stay updated and socially active on various online platforms.

SEO trends that will improve your platform digital visibility are:

Integrating Artificial Intelligence

This feature has changed the way people interact with online platforms. Many search engines have algorithms that help in deciding the website rank on SERPs using AI. When you have AI powering our business it means you are maximizing the opportunities and keyword research. Many keyword tools help in optimizing digital platforms and engage more visitors.

Image Optimization

Sometimes people look at images and take important decisions. In the future people will be using images to gain necessary information about your products and services. Many search engines have already shown importance in making and optimizing the images for better engagement. Use high-quality and relevant images. Use alt tags that helps crawlers to classify images. Add images into the site map which makes it easier to crawl.  

Improve User Experience

It is important to update the platform according to the SEO trends which keep on upgrading. Many businesses have failed in proving better user-experience and have lost their position in the search engines. Therefore it is very important to test your user experience before bringing it into the market. Some tips to improve UX are:

  • Faster page load time
  • Easy navigation for users
  • Use the fonts, images, and white space efficiently
  • User-friendly sitemap and URLs
  • Unique user dashboards that are easy to access
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Work on Local SEO

It has become very important to work on local SEO and local results to provide solutions to your users. You can get great benefits by working on the local SEO like:

  • Build a Google My Business Account
  • Optimize your platform for voice search and mobile devices
  • Work on local keywords
  • Use content bases on the location, local events, and news

Use the EAT (Expertise Authority Trustworthiness) concept

This method is included in the Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines by Google. You need to use the third-party search quality tool to make the search more useful. Some key points to improve the overall page quality rating are:

  • Make documents related to your industry, trade, market, and more with a professional approach
  • Get links from the high authority domains
  • Hire the best SEO company in Melbourne to deliver the best content
  • Update the content regularly
  • Collect reviews and ratings from your visitors
  • Showcase your work on the search engines

Make the platform mobile-friendly

You need to have strong strategies for mobile marketing which helps in gaining a lot of organic traffic. Some tips to optimize your website for mobile devices:

  • Website loading speed should be less than 3 seconds
  • Make the platform responsive to different mobile devices
  • Keep the design simple and understandable for the visitors
  • Use testing tools for better analysis of website performance

Use Long-tail keywords

This helps in outranking the competition and these keywords are actually how people search on the internet. Long-tail keyword provides a context to the content and provides better conversion rates. Some tips to search for such keywords and uses them in your content are:

  • Use Google suggestions
  • Add questionnaire in your content
  • Analyze the insights of the website regularly to look for improvements
  • Build reports to understand the strong and weak keywords in the content
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Maintain a quality Content

Add content in interactive ways like using video, images, infographics, and audio to gain more traffic. You can take help from the SEO services Sydney to use the best content marketing strategies. Some tips one can follow to maintain the content quality is:

  • Stay unique and original
  • Deliver solutions for the visitors
  • Make the content simple for the readers
  • Add actionable tips to resolve the queries
  • Use strong headlines and facts accurate from the right sources
  • Update the content regularly

Voice Search Optimization

Users prefer the smart way of voice search to search their queries on different search engines. Many viewers are using a smartphone to gain a solution to their issues. Key points to follow before starting with the voice search are:

  • Use keywords that are longer and conversational
  • Add more words like what, how, when, and why.
  • Use structured data
  • Include the FAQs section for your services

Featured Snippets

This is the best way to gain digital visibility and engage more users on your website. After every search, there is a box at the top of Search Engine Result Pages which is a snippet. These are often structured as Questions and answers or bullet points for user’s queries. Some snippets have images, reviews, prices, and a similar bit of information.

Wrapping Up!

There is always a scope of improvement in the SEO sector and improve conversion rates. Businesses need SEO services in Sydney to build strategies and gain more traffic effortlessly. SEO is very essential for our business to grow in the digital world. There are great challenges to make your content SEO-friendly and responsive.  

Harshal Shah is the CEO of Elsner Technologies Pty. Ltd. He has an overall experience of more than three decades in the IT industry. His area of interest lies in writing interesting pieces of content mostly on topics relevant to different types of CMS platforms. He wants to ensure that readers get acquainted with multiple web development tools & techniques so that we can build a technology-driven world for the future.

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