Should You Consider Native Advertising in Your Marketing Mix?

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By Adrian Cruce

Native advertising should definitely be considered whenever your marketing campaign is developed. This is basically an advertising option with a lot more potential than banners, with increased transparency than print and a popularity that is quickly growing among professional marketers. Native advertising is basically focused on the creation of an ad that is blending with surroundings. Instead of being a main content focus that can disrupt the customer, the native ad will add content while within context so user experience is improved.

Why Native Advertising?

Native advertising stands out as incredibly useful for businesses because of scalability and the fact that marketers manage to fill a gap between brand publishing and adverts. We are faced with a necessary focus on content so native ads offer a way to reach the potential customers without overdoing it. Native ads are often seen for the same time as the editorial content. This increases the possibility to have ads shared so even a viral element can appear.

At the moment, native advertising is being used by companies of all sizes. The native adverts are performing a lot better than the banner ads that were popular till now. Statistics show that consumers are around 25% more likely to analyze the native ad than the regular ad. Engagement possibility is higher by around 50%.

Native advertising is highly advantageous, especially because of 3 vital benefits.

Increased Attention Capture

Advertisements have absolutely no purpose when target audience attention is not gained. Marketers understand that performance metrics are very important and the native advertising campaigns will almost always soffer a higher viewing rate, increased conversions and much more engagement when compared with most display advertisements possible. When using native advertising in order to share the content the possibility of having the audience do marketing work for you increases since sponsored content is shared with friends.

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Increased Relevance

If a company manages to engage more with the audience by using own tools and language, sharing opportunities are greater while target market relationship development increases. Ads relevance is so much more important than it ever was because consumers are bombarded with ads so they want to see things that are relevant to them. Because ads are more relevant for the viewers there is an increased possibility that brand new people are going to come in.

Customers Are Empowered

When the customer is shopping online the goal is to find a service or a product. The individual is practically interested in a solution to a problem. Valuable content that is offered by brands is appreciated as assistance is offered instead of just trying to make cash. Native advertising makes it possible to present the branded content in a highly convincing and subtle way so that customers receive empowering and useable information. Simply put, the customers are convinced that the business is not solely interested in cash so loyalty is increased.

Increased Engagement

The bottom line is that native advertising should be considered by as many businesses as possible. The main payoff appears as engagement opportunities are offered. Similarly to other marketing strategies that have a direct approach, native advertising is going to offer an interaction solution for the company, together with sharing increases and leadership increases. Short term interactions are increased and it becomes easier to develop a long term relationship.