How To Create Interesting Articles For Your Small Business Blog

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By Dzhingarov

Finding interesting topics for your small business’ blog can be an intimidating task for those who just launched their business or business’ blog. Some might think there are only a few subjects they can talk about on their blog, while others will find the task of constantly finding new topics impossible.

Content writers need inspiration in order to create great content that will increase website visitors and create credibility for a small business’ blog. There are many ways a beginner can find ideas for blog content so here are some of the resources that will help you to come up with interesting topics for your small business’ blog:

Other Blogs In Your Niche

Finding inspiration in other blogs in your niche does not mean writing the same thing as your competition but learning what your audience wants to read. This is a great starting point but don’t stop at the articles, read the comments too. The comment sections can be a great source of inspiration for writers.

If you find a post that you think will be interesting for your audience but you have a different perspective on the subject, link the post in your article and provide your own opinion on your blog.


Subscribe to your competitors’ newsletters and see what topics they cover. You can find inspiration in their content but you will also learn more about their products and services. This is also a great way to know how to make yourself different and how to be original in your newsletter approach.

Q&A Sites And Yahoo Answers

The best way to create content that will be loved by people is to offer your target audience answers to their questions so don’t be afraid to browse some Q&A sites in your niche or, the more general sites like Yahoo Answers or Quora, to find content inspiration.

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Slideshare is another amazing source that will allow you to come up with interesting topics for your small business’ blog. All you need is some patience to browse through hundreds or thousands of presentation slides.


From time to time, make sure you check the books written by experts in your industry. Browse online to see the best sellers and go through people’s reviews to learn about their desires and what they liked or hated about a book. Some reviews contain great ideas for blog content.

And, since we are on the topic of books, a book review is also another great idea for a blog so if you see a book you like, read it and review it on your small business’ blog.

Your Audience

If you have a community that reads your blog (it doesn’t have to be a big community), ask them what they want to read or learn about. It is a great way to keep in touch with your audience and also to make sure that you create content your audience will read.

Personal Experiences

People don’t read blog posts for the information alone, they want to know the blogger’s personal experience. This can include your business’ story, what tools you use to make your everyday tasks easier, what products you prefer. Don’t make the article sound like advertising, be honest and share your experience with both the good and the bad parts.

Practical Advice

Last but definitely not least, sharing practical advice with your small business blog’s readers is what will make them come back and what will convince them that you are an expert in your field. Offering free, practical advice is a great way to build your online reputation. Make sure you give easy to follow advice or step by step guides.

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