Email Etiquette Tips For B2B Marketers

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By Dzhingarov

Nowadays, people read and write most of their emails from mobile devices and B2B marketers need to keep their messages short and communicate as clear as possible. However, there are some email etiquette rules that B2B marketers need to respect in order to avoid mistakes since the reputation of the company is at stake. So with no further ado, here are the most important email etiquette tips for B2B marketers:

Always Have A Clear Subject Line

Since most people scroll through their inbox from their mobile devices, a clear subject line is a must. Make sure the recipients understand the subject of your email before they open it. Keep it clear, informative and short. This is not an easy task however, it is probably the most important thing B2B marketers have to master when it comes to email communication.

Always Use Greetings And Closings

Even though you are having a casual conversation with someone via email, greetings and closings are mandatory and shouldn’t be left out from the emails you send. Always start your email with a greeting and end it with a closing.

The greeting has to be written every single time you write an email, but you can create an email signature and add it to all of your emails to be sure you can write emails faster and respecting email etiquette at the same time. The signature must include your name, company name and contact information but you can personalize as you want as long as it stays professional.

State What You Want From The Very Beginning

If you have a request, make sure it is clear from the very beginning what you want and expect, especially when you really have to send longer emails. It is important to keep your emails as short as possible however, sometimes B2B marketers have to write longer emails to communicate important things. Bullet point lists are easier to follow so use them any time you have to send long emails with important information.

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Respond To All Your Email Within 24 Hours

We are not talking about spam emails here, we are talking about important emails that need to be addressed. It is recommended to reply to emails within 24 hours even though you do not have an answer for a person. You can always mention you will get back with an answer when you will have more details.

Use An Out Of Office Autoresponder When You Are Away For More Than 24 Hours

Since we mentioned it is important to reply to messages within 24 hours, we also have to mention that having an out of office message is very important. A simple message that explains you are out of office, when you will return and who can be contacted during your time off will make you look professional even when you are on vacation or you have days off.

Proofread Your Emails

B2B marketers have to proofread their emails and to be sure they did not make any mistakes. Grammatical errors and typos can happen and that is why it is important to proofread the emails. And when mistakes happen, make sure you apologize about them.