European Services Outsourced To India

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By Dzhingarov

By now you are surely aware of the fact that India is the leading country in the world when it comes to offshore outsourcing. This is mainly because of the fact that costs are low and many businesses have access to very good quality, which is a lot more expensive in the country where a company has its main headquarters.

Europe is currently second only to the Americas in terms of outsourcing services to India. The continent stands at 31% of the market when referring to BPO and IT exports. In other industries the share is smaller but we are still faced with a large addition to the $47 billion that India gains every single year from other countries through outsourcing.

european services outsourced to india

The current market share of services to India shows the following as the main sectors:

  • Financial services – 41%
  • Telecom/High-Tech – 20%
  • Manufacturing – 17%
  • Retail – 8%

In the year 2009 we had an export through BPO and IT that employed around 2.2 million individuals.

The Most Common European Outsourced Services To India

There are many different services that we can mention. However, some are more common than others. That is what we will stay focused on at the moment.

Customer Support

Obviously, customer support is something that is necessary for companies, especially those that use the internet for business. You will notice that there is a huge market for this in India. You most likely already figured out that some Indians answered your calls. Price is the main reason why European companies outsource to India.

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Software/Games Testing

The importance of software and games testing is huge at the moment and there is no company around the world that can afford not to invest money in this process. Because of the fact that the expenses are really high, many European countries decided to outsource this part of the project development.

Data-Entry And Transcriptions

The main reason for outsourcing these services is that Indians are really hard workers and they do a lot of data entry in a really short period of time. This includes transcriptions, many of them audio since many citizens know foreign languages.

App Development

There is a growing industry in mobile app development and online based app development in India. We are faced with many European companies that decide to outsource this service to India instead of others because many capable people with app development knowledge exist.