Great Incentives: Ways to Show Appreciation for your Staff

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By Dzhingarov

The people who carry out the day to day tasks of your business are really the machine that keeps the company going.

If you’ve studied anything at all about human resources, you know that a motivated team is one that is likely to perform better. But even without getting into the specifics of personnel management, it’s easy to see that it pays to reward the people who help you earn money. Not only will you create a happier work environment, you’ll be investing in the future by forming a team of employees who are likely to stay with your company.

So what are the best ways to show you really appreciate your staff? Read on for a few inspirational ideas.


Not every business owner can afford to put a little something extra in with their employees’ pay checks, but if you can, it’s virtually guaranteed that every staff member will appreciate a little cold hard cash.

Work a quarterly bonus into the compensation system and offer it on a performance basis. This gives people a solid goal to work toward. Bonuses are great for bosses who have little time for creativity or group gatherings.


By David Kindler under CC BY 2.0


Office Lunches

At the end of the week or month, it’s always great to take your staff out for a nice meal. Free food always seems to go over well. Plus, it gives everyone a chance to spend some time together outside of the office environment. It’s an opportunity to relate on a more normal, personal basis without the pressures of ringing phones and office politics.

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If you can’t get out of the office, you can always treat your staff by ordering lunch to your place of work. Even a round of lattés and pastries on the boss is a nice touch to help you say ‘thank you for being here every day’.

Gatherings or Parties

A nice social event is another good way to show appreciation for your staff, and of course provide some good free food and beverages. You can go the whole nine yards by inviting employees to an elegant party in a beautiful hotel, for example, or just hold an informal gathering at your own home.

Some companies love to create a family-type atmosphere outside of work, which can really help foster a great bond as a team. Outside of work gatherings can be an excellent way of achieving this. Just be sensitive to people’s time constraints and obligations- you don’t want to have a gathering that’s viewed more as a chore or additional time at work.

Time Off

Offering employees an afternoon or full day off is another excellent, simple incentive. It doesn’t cost much, is worth a lot to many people and is easy to arrange. Set a target goal and let your staff know that if they meet it, they can go home early that day. Or, just offer one day off per month in addition to their standard holiday time. When you have employees who consistently complete the required work, it only makes sense to reward them with a little extra free time.