How to Sell Your Luxury Home

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By Toma Bonev

Selling a luxury home is a stressful process. It is something that needs to be done right. The timing, the pricing, the marketing. Buying a luxury property requires an investment of millions of dollars and is not a decision made lightly. Your selling strategy needs to be at the top of the game. Don’t worry though, we’ve got your back with these top tips.

Pricing is Key

The price is right. Really! Valuing your home correctly requires lots of research. You need to consider your area, what comparable homes are selling for, and the demand for luxury housing to name a few. Too high and your property can sit on the market for ages. Neither do you want to underprice as you will get less than the true value. You also do not want potential buyers to think something is wrong with the property if your pricing is inaccurate.

Find Yourself an Expert in Luxury Real Estate

To sell your luxury home at the right price, speak to the experts. Hire a realtor with expertise in luxury properties as they will know far more about the luxury market and be able to conduct in-depth market research to determine the most competitive price that suits you and the buyer.

Quality Photography and Staging

High-end visuals are a must for luxury home selling. Low quality photography is not the way forward. You need to enlist the help of a top professional photographer to capture the best angles and show off your home.

Even when you have found an incredible photographer, the visuals do not end there. Staging your home in the best light is essential. Buyers want to envisage themselves living there and see the potential of a property. While physical staging is an option, professionals are more limited with the props and furnishings available. Likewise, if you are looking to sell quickly, physical staging can take time, especially if you are travelling or working and not at home much. Working with a virtual staging expert such as Ilaria Barion solves both issues as digital staging can be done quickly and is not limited by the existing décor. The possibilities are endless and virtual staging can create a vision for potential buyers that exudes luxury.

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What Makes Your Home Unique?

People wanting a luxury property will be looking for standout features. What sets your home apart from the rest? Is it the architecture, the views, the outdoor space, the location? You can find things like a pool, a gym, and a cinema room in many luxury houses, but what is it that makes yours stand out? Don’t be afraid to go into detail about all the luxury features your property has to offer.

Choose the Right Season to Sell

The time of year can impact whether your property sells. If you are highlighting glorious ocean views, you don’t want to be selling in winter when it is rainy and foggy. Likewise, if you have a ski chalet, you want a cozy fire and a snowy scene outside.

Selling a luxury home is challenging, but with these concise tips, you’ll have a head start against competitors!