How To Keep Up Momentum After A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

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By Adrian Cruce

Crowdfunding campaigns always involve a lot of work but even more will have to be done after its end. It is really important to always work hard for the work done to lead to more success in the future. Every single thing that is presented below should be on your to-do list following any successful crowdfunding campaign.

Continue With InDemand

The successful campaign tends to end with quite a lot of momentum. In the event that you want to keep offering some pre-sales deals after the end of it, you can. It is actually a really good idea. The problem is in most cases there is no such thing as an infrastructure that would continue taking pre-orders. The InDemand program by Indiegogo is something you can consider.

Update Backers

The backers are the ones that helped the idea turn into a successful campaign. Showing reciprocity through constant updates is something that you want to keep in the back of your head. Start by thanking as many as possible (preferably all) and as production starts, make sure you remain transparent. Always offer updates about what happens with various manufacturing stages. When there are delayed deliveries or hang ups the backers have to know as fast as it is possible.

Have An Ecommerce Site In Place

You want to be sure that you have the ecommerce site developed and designed in order to be able to accept orders alone, without having to rely on another platform. After the site is built, you can add different services as you can easily grow the sales. After you are out of a pre-order phase and gears can be shifted, online selling can start. When the ecommerce site is already in place, transitions will be so much simpler.

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Always Focus On The Goal

The main objective a campaign has is to raise the necessary capital and maybe cell some rewards. After the money is gained, the rewards need to be kept in priority. You want to be focused on production and development. Be sure that you send out a fulfillment survey straight to mailing addresses of the backers, together with different choices that may be available. Do work with the manufacturers and the suppliers in order to send out the rewards you promised in the time you promised. If product adjustments need to be made, the backers community should be contacted so that you can learn about new specs or features they may be interested in. That can increase overall product quality on the long run.

Ship The Rewards

This is, in most cases, the most crucial and final part of a crowdfunding campaign. Shipping rewards is something that cannot usually be done without help. This is why you want to be 100% sure that the system is ready before the campaign ends. As you start shipping the orders, use a good customer service system. At this time you should have a site that can offer FAQ answers, instructions about the product, email address for the clients to support you and even a phone line if this is possible. What counts the most is to have rewards fulfilled in a really proper timely manner that would lead to the backers being happy and wanting to keep supporting the business. When you cannot properly send the rewards in time, the entire business will suffer.

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