What Are The Most Profitable Small Business Opportunities You Should Consider?

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By Dzhingarov

The most profitable small businesses rake in quite good money, more than you would imagine. If you do not know what to consider as you want to build a company, here are some options that might be appealing for you.

Business Opportunities

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Chiropractor’s Offices

Chiropractors do end up making very nice profits. The margin pre-tax is of 16%. There are a lot of people that do not believe in the medical value offered but that is not really a problem given the fact that back pains are widespread in USA. Before opting for a surgery, most people want to go for unconventional treatment options.

Certified Public Accountants

The profit margin pre-tax is an attractive 17.1%. The small accounting firms manage to bring in great profit and that is because of some simple to understand reasons. For starters, we have pricing power. Various businesses and consumers need the accounting services on a constant basis. Also, we are talking about a business that presents low overhead. This means that one office space with supplies can accommodate a lot of clients or few clients while having the same business operating cost.

The repeat clients are almost always guaranteed. The only problem is that it is hard to open such a profitable small business since accounting requires special expertise and many training years.

Dentist’s Offices

The profit pre-tax margin is of 15.4%. As you surely know, one office can service different patients in the exact same time and although there are offices like the extremely pricey office operational equipment and expensive dentistry school, every person out there eventually needs the services of a doctor.

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It has to be added that one big reason why the offices are so popular and make a lot of money is that a lot of customers do not actually use insurance to pay for the services offered. This brings in the possibility of wielding more pricing power when compared with a hospital or an average doctor.

Self Storage Units

Out of the different opportunities featured as the most profitable small businesses, this is the one that will surprise you. Self-storage units and mini warehouses bring in around 12.3% profit pre-tax. That is because of the fact that ongoing costs are extremely low. The only major expense in most situations is some sort of mortgage loan.

We manage to eliminate many common costs for a small business like utility bills, office spaces, human resources teams or lawyers.

Optometrist’s Offices

The commonly referred to as eye doctors will reach a profit of 12.2% pre-tax as an average. Most of the profit comes from the costly materials that are prescribed like contact lenses, eye glasses, low-vision aids and vision therapy. The average national pay that includes benefit and salary ranges between $77,000 and $105,000 per year.

What Small Business Will You Open?

The examples above do not take into account online businesses but it is great to see who manages to rake in the biggest profits when running profitable small companies. Will you be considering such an option?