Promoting Businesses Through Quality Video Content

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By Dzhingarov

If we think about what will happen in the future, there is a pretty good possibility that you might end up watching this video instead of reading what is written. This is because online video keeps being more and more popular. Its use is growing because of the desires of people. Statistics show that in 2 years close to 70% of all the internet traffic consumed will be available in video form. That is why video web content needs to be seriously considered when you promote the business.

Every single marketing specialist in the world will tell you that video stands out as the future of marketing as we know it. We can actually find this to be the case even know. Many studies highlight that over 50% of the companies that promote something online already use video. That number is sure to grow in the future since people become aware of all the possibilities available. Close to 65% of the marketers say that video will be prominently used in their own content marketing strategies in the near future.

Video is peerless when thinking about the reach potential. YouTube stands out as the best possible example of this. This website has a traffic that reaches 1 billion uniques every single month. Besides Facebook, this is the one site that has the most traffic in the world. As an example, one in three people living in Great Britain will see at least 1 video during a week.

Properly created video content can easily promote a business.

We all heard about many success stories that are connected to viral videos. Huge brands like Volkswagen and Volvo already used them to reach success. Having the possibility of reaching millions of people with just one video is something that any business has to consider. Video content can so easily lead towards great results in content marketing campaigns.

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The biggest advantage that is associated with video is that the content is really easy to digest. Video quickly gains attention and just one minute can lead towards huge results. Statistics highlight the fact that around 70% of people see brands in a more positive light whenever a video that is interesting is viewed and offered by the company.

The problem with many small businesses is that they believe they will not gain much when they use video content in marketing strategies. This is because of various misconceptions that appear. Since we see the huge successes that appear after large companies use video content, we think that it is impossible to actually use something similar when thinking about the local businesses. This is incorrect. Even Vines of 6 seconds are more than enough for many situations in the event that the campaign is properly created.

Make sure that you think about the various options available whenever you think about using video in content marketing strategies. When you actually use the right strategies, it is a certainty that you are going to reap in the benefits associated. Since we will be faced with so many options, make sure that you work with a marketer that does have the necessary experience to guarantee that everything will be done properly.

No matter how we look at things, the main reason why we want to use video content is the fact that it works. We can easily reach millions of people and that opportunity simply cannot be dismissed.