Protect Your Rights Against Convergent Outsourcing

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By Dzhingarov

Convergent Outsourcing Inc, previously known as ER Solutions, is a debt collection agency representing creditors across industries like medical and healthcare service providers; telecom carriers; utilities companies; banks and financial services firms. If you defaulted on an account that was later given over for collection you could see their name appear on your credit report.


If Convergent Outsourcing has contacted you regarding an outstanding debt, they should know that they do not own it themselves – they are simply collecting on behalf of their clients (i.e. the original companies who incurred it). Therefore they cannot sue or garnish your wages; however if they report it to credit bureaus it could have adverse impacts on your score.

Contacting credit reporting agencies to dispute debts that you believe to be inaccurate should result in their removal from your report. Alternatively, writing to Convergent Outsourcing directly and asking them for goodwill deletion can also work; just ensure your request sounds sincere and friendly so as not to alienate them further.

Consumers have reported sending payments to Convergent Outsourcing in exchange for having their debts removed from their credit reports, while also alleging receiving reports from credit monitoring services that show new entries opened by Convergent Outsourcing on their files. Luckily, consumers can file complaints with their state attorney general’s office, FDCPA or local attorneys against collection agencies like Convergent.

Ferguson filed a class action against Convergent for sending misleading settlement offer letters that gave people the mistaken impression they could sue them for debts that had long since expired, when this wasn’t possible. These letters implied debts would go into collections without payment being made; such conduct violates federal law as false advertising.

Convergent Outsourcing may offer settlement negotiations, however you should expect them to attempt to collect more than what is actually owed from you. This may have a devastating impact on your credit score so always consult a licensed credit counselor before accepting an agreement from them.

Convergent Outsourcing not only offers debt settlement services, but they also offer debt validation. This process helps determine if an existing debt is legitimate and that you are accountable for it. They do this by gathering proof from creditors of its existence and legitimacy before validating a debt against it.

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Debt validation

If a debt collection agency such as Convergent Outsourcing contacts you, it’s important to remember your rights. In addition to federal legislation like the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act, state laws also offer protection; you can utilize them against aggressive collection tactics while maintaining your credit rating.

As soon as a debt collector contacts you, make sure to demand proof of the debt. Request that they send a debt validation letter detailing your original creditor and how much you owe; alternatively, contact them directly for more information – be sure to do this in writing so that a paper trail remains.

Respond to a debt validation letter within 30 days after receiving it or the debt collector may assume that your debt is valid and continue collection efforts without your knowledge or consent – this violates your rights under FDCPA, leading to penalties or free legal advice being offered as remedies.

As part of your debt validation letter, it is also advisable that you request that your creditors remove collection entries from your credit reports. A certified mail letter with confirmation receipt can help create a record of communication between yourself and them that could come in handy should legal action need to be taken against them.

Debt collection agencies should never agree to accept payments over the phone; otherwise, you could become responsible for paying all of the debt owed. If you disagree with what has been alleged against you, dispute it through credit bureaus; then negotiate with debt collectors directly in order to delete debt from credit reports in exchange for payment using a pay-for-delete letter.

Consumers have reported Convergent Outsourcing’s harassment through phone calls and letters as being extremely intrusive, including profanity use and inconvenient calls at inconvenient times – even impersonating law enforcement or government officials at times! If this behavior has affected you personally, file a complaint with either CFPB or BBB as soon as possible in order to get assistance when needed.

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Debt settlement

Convergent Outsourcing is a collection agency that specializes in debt collection from consumers. Their services are governed by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which protects consumers from illegal debt collection practices. Consumers may file complaints against collection companies who violate this act and sue to recover damages caused by FDCPA violations. Luckily, steps can be taken to stop unwanted phone calls and letters from Convergent Outsourcing.

As soon as possible, it’s advisable to examine your credit report and ensure the debt belongs to you. Unfortunately, errors often arise when debts are transferred between creditors, so sending out a debt validation letter – it is a legal requirement and there are templates online – is essential in making sure your claim stands up.

Depending on the nature of your debt, if it has passed its statute of limitation and you no longer owe the company any payments, you may ask them to remove it from your credit report and prevent future financial opportunities from being restricted by it. Just be careful that when making this request it hasn’t expired yet in order for this approach to work effectively.

Writing a cease communication letter may also help stop debt collectors from calling you back. Send your letter by certified mail with return receipt requested as this will demonstrate it was received and then contact a lawyer to defend your rights.

If you believe a collection agency has breached their obligations under federal law or violated your consumer rights in some way, contact either the attorney general’s office or a private attorney immediately to protect yourself and negotiate a settlement for less than what was originally owed.

Collection agencies cannot threaten you with lawsuits or garnish your wages without valid reasons; however, many collections agencies take advantage of alleged debtors by making empty threats of legal action or seizing assets illegally owing them money.

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Legal action

If Convergent Outsourcing has been harassing you with collection calls, you may have legal recourse against them. Federal consumer laws give them protection and allow them to sue debt collectors who violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Furthermore, several other consumer protection laws exist which can help combat their unlawful practices.

One of the first things you should do if contacted by Convergent Outsourcing is request a debt validation letter, which gives you legal recourse in asking a debt collector to verify your debt within 30 days. In other words, this means they have to show that it belongs to you and is accurate.

Along with seeking debt validation, it is also wise to regularly review your credit report for errors. If any inaccurate data appears in it, file a dispute with the credit bureau to correct it; additionally you can file complaints with either Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or Better Business Bureau if necessary.

Most debt collection agencies receive numerous complaints. Many of the claims center around inaccurate reporting or aggressive collection tactics; consumers sometimes allege they never owed the debt in question while others may still be being pursued for debts that have expired for many years. Consumers should contact an experienced consumer rights attorney who can assist in filing suit against debt collectors.

Convergent Outsourcing has been accused of violating privacy laws and disclosing personal data without authorization. One incident involved an attack that compromised their storage drive containing thousands of customers’ personal information; they did not notify customers until over four months later leaving them vulnerable to identity theft.

Some of the complaints against Convergent Outsourcing involve violations of state and federal debt collection laws, such as unauthorised disclosure of personal data. Some violations are so severe they could potentially incur statutory damages, such as providing false or misleading information about debts owed, making threats or making harassing calls.