Really Great Business Lunch Locations In Oslo, Norway

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By Dzhingarov

Oslo may not be a large European capital but it is renowned for the business environment created. The commercial center is very compact and features so many great public transportations that are so easy to utilize. Direct train lines bring people from city center straight to OSL (Oslo Airport). People talk excellent English and you will quickly realize that most business lunch locations in Oslo, Norway, feature more English than Norwegian.

If you want to have a great business lunch in Oslo, especially when you are a foreigner, here are those spots you absolutely need to consider.


Perfectly located in Grand Hotel Oslo’s Belle Epoch Palm Court, Palmen Restaurant features impressive interior design with velvet upholstery, trellised walls, central fountain and glass-domed roof, all speaking opulence. Fine dining and cordial correct service are at home, making Palmen a great stop to entertain CEOs, businessmen and even old friends. Make sure you try the halibut filet or basically all the fresh seafood served here as it is really good.

Tjuvholmen Sjomagasin

Tjuvholmen (commonly known as Thief Island) was regenerated after the impressive Astrup Fearnley Museum Of Modern Art was opened. Now it is a really lively arts scene with a lively business dining scene. The Tjuvholmen Sjomagasin rapidly gained its popularity among local and international businessmen due to the wonderful dishes served and the eclectic interior design. As you go in you will go past an aquarium from which you can actually choose what lobster or crab to have cooked for you. Try steamed mussels and never leave without eating some seafood salads as they are the chef’s specialty.

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Engebret Café

This is the oldest restaurant in Oslo, located in a 1700s building and featuring numerous traditional Norwegian dishes. You can always try some reindeer but seasonal foods are the real draw, including wild game during the fall and wild salmon during summer. When the weather allows it, Engebret Café opens its garden restaurant, which is not as formal as the interior but can still be considered for really serious business conversations. Both business and political leaders can be seen dining here every single day.

Lofoten Fiskerestaurant

At Aker Brygge’s end, facing the harbor, you can find the Lofoten Fiskerestaurant, with its name taken from the Lofoten Islands that are renowned for their seafood. If you are looking for an informal business meeting, choose the terrace at street-level. For the larger groups that are mainly interested in privacy, the chamber separee has to be booked. No matter where you have your table, the guests are going to enjoy really high quality seafood that is guaranteed to be fresh.


Even if Ekebergrestauranten is not located in the highly sought-after commercial district, with a view towards the Ekeberg sculpture park, it is more than worth the ride. This Oslo restaurant is a great example of really early Modernism, with a white villa being designed by renowned architect Lars Backer during the twenties placed in a collection of outdoor art. The menu here is modern and perfectly matches both the views and the setting.