Remember This About Business Etiquette in Norway

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By Dzhingarov

Whether you’re traveling to Norway or are simply a resident of the country, there are certain etiquette rules that you need to follow. These rules are essential for making sure that you are on your best behavior when you’re meeting people.


Generally speaking, punctuality is an essential part of business etiquette in Norway. It is important to arrive on time and provide advance notice. This is because it is considered impolite to be late. It is also a sign of respect.

If you are running late, be sure to give a reasonable explanation. Norwegians are not tolerant of rudeness and inconsideration. If you do not inform others of your late arrival, they may assume that you were a late guest.

The Norwegians are extremely careful to maintain a balance between their work and their personal life. They believe that a cheerful, relaxed workplace increases productivity. They do not have a rigid hierarchical culture. Young people are often in leading positions.

In Norway, business negotiations are typically held during lunches. The Norwegian business community speaks English very well. They also tend to speak French and Danish. Knowledge of German is fairly common.

Dress casually

Whether you’re going to Norway for business or vacation, dressing appropriately can go a long way in ensuring you make a good impression. Although there’s no dress code in Norway, the Norwegians are known for their casual style of dress.

The most important thing to know about Norwegian business attire is that it isn’t too flashy. If you’re traveling to Norway, it’s a good idea to wear something that fits the climate. While you’re at it, consider wearing a hat in the winter.

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The Norwegians have a well-deserved reputation for being laid back and friendly. Despite their laissez faire approach to life, they are a proud nation, and they’ll be more than willing to make you feel welcome.

If you’re trying to impress your Norwegian business partners, consider picking up a few of the more interesting items. One such item is a good quality bottle of wine. Another is a box of chocolates.

Getting in touch with a necessary contact person

Getting in touch with a necessary contact person in Norwegian business etiquette is a fairly straightforward process. The most important step is to exchange business cards. While you don’t need to worry about showing your degrees, it’s a good idea to keep a little eye contact. It’s also a good idea to be smiling when you present your card.

It’s a Norwegian thing to greet people with a handshake. This is especially true if you’re meeting someone for the first time. In fact, it’s considered a sign of respect and sincerity.

It’s also a sign of trust. In Norway, it’s common to make appointments in advance. In fact, appointments can be made by phone, but are most often confirmed in writing.

It’s also a good idea to have an agenda ready for the meeting. This will help you prepare for the conversation and demonstrate your commitment.

Negotiating pressure techniques

Unlike some other countries, Norway has few deceptive negotiation tactics. While Norwegians will never use bribery or ‘greasing the wheels’, they may employ a number of defensive tactics. These tactics are not necessarily unprofessional but could cause you to lose trust in the other party.

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Norwegians will not accept a deal unless it is fair and reciprocal. They prefer to negotiate with individuals they know and trust. They also avoid aggressive sales techniques and haggling over prices.

They believe that information sharing is a key to building trust. They expect to see a clear list of facts, not hype or embellishments. Often, they will work down a list of objectives in sequential order.

They do not like to be interrupted. They also tend to be peaceful and quiet. They will also avoid physical contact. They will usually avoid jargon, too.

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