Sales Outsourcing – Advantages And Disadvantages To Consider

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By Adrian Cruce

There are so many businesses out there that currently rely on outsourcing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that since brining in all departments in-house is not at all realistic for most firms out there. Entrepreneurs can easily choose what they outsource and what they do not. One of the options that are available is outsourcing sales. As with everything else associated with outsourcing, there are both advantages and disadvantages that appear. We have to take both into account.

Sales Outsourcing Advantages

A huge advantage is that a part of your staff will be free to do other tasks, not having to worry about administrative hassles that are associated with sales management and implementation. Human resources are basically freed up for other tasks that may be needed.

Outsourcing sales is particularly beneficial during the early times of a business because of the fact that recruitment costs are reduced. You do not have to hire a specific sales team and those costs can be really high, especially when referring to regular extras like healthcare or paid time-off. As the firm only now appeared, you want to save as much as possible and letting someone else take care of sales may be a perfect thing in many situations.

You can use a specialized outsourcing sales team only when you actually need it. For instance, when you expect an increase in sales or a shopping season like Christmas appears. You would avoid the extra taxes and fees associated with hiring extra temporary personnel in this case.

The last really important advantage that we should understand is that sales outsourcing gives you access to people that are professionals and that have a lot of sales experience. That is highly important. Hiring people with the same degree of experience would mean that you would have to pay a really large salary. The companies that offer such services offer access to the talent at much lower costs.

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Sales Outsourcing Disadvantages

You most likely do not want to include sales outsourcing in your financial business plan since that would mean that you would lose the control over the sales practices. That is not something that investors would want to see but it is something that can help you out a lot. At the same time, problems can easily appear because of the fact that the company you hire is not properly representing your products or services. This can create branding problems so control is highly important. As a rule of thumb, if you cannot go through a direct training sessions with the ones that will take care of sales for you, it is almost a certainty that you will not be able to gain a really good service.


Sales outsourcing is not at all the very best option that you can consider no matter the case. It is great for some firms but not for all of them. The advantages that were highlighted above are obviously important and they highlight the fact that you do want to take this opportunity into account. However, analyzing the disadvantages is also really important.