Social Media Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make

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By Dzhingarov

When it comes to social media marketing, small businesses make many mistakes that does not allow them to make the most of their online presence. The most common social media marketing mistakes small businesses make are usually related to the social media marketing plan and their tone of voice.

Common Social Media Marketing Mistake #1 – Being Self Centered And Forgetting The Target Audience

While promoting their business through social media marketing most small businesses tend to talk too much about their products or services and forget that they have to connect with their target audience and create a connection between the brand and its customers. Using social media to advertise new products or services and to promote ongoing campaigns are obviously good ideas however, just mentioning a new product, service or an ongoing promotion won’t help small businesses increase their sales. Creating content people can relate to and finding the best way to describe the products are two tactics that will change the results of a social media marketing campaign. The key to writing good social media content people can relate to is research. Small businesses need to learn as much as possible about their target audience in order to create ads that will make people interested in the business and the services/products provided by it. Also, interacting with the target audience and replying to all their questions will create a better business-consumer relationship and it will show people that the business wants to communicate and to engage with the clients. Feedback is also important and listening to your clients or potential clients can lead to better products or services and more sales on the long run.

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Common Social Media Marketing Mistake #2 – Not Having A Social Media Marketing Strategy

A social media marketing plan should include a small business’ objectives and desired results but also details about the target audience. Before launching a social media marketing campaign, you should first test it in order to see if the things go as planned, this is a great way to spend money wisely on social media ads. If you do not know how to optimize social media ads to obtain the best results, hire an expert or outsource your social media marketing to a digital agency that has the necessary expertise to create ads that will generate leads and sales.

Common Social Media Marketing #3 – Not Measuring Your ROI

Another common social media marketing mistake small businesses make is not measuring the ROI after running online ads. This activity seems like a burden for most small businesses but not analyzing the results of a campaign can lead to expensive investments that don’t generate results. Also, be sure you know the difference between ROM (return on media) and ROI (return on investment). ROM is all about the traffic, likes, shares and discussions generated by a social media marketing campaign while ROI is about the financial returns. If you use Google Analytics or similar tools, you will be able to determine what the results of a social media campaign are in terms of ROI. However, pay attention to the social media responses too since knowing your target audience’s feedback is the best way to create better ads in the future.

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