Solid Small Business Instagram Marketing Advice

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By Adrian Cruce

Facebook is still an amazing option for small businesses who use social media to increase their sales. Facebook ads can allow business owners to reach any demographic they have in mind however, when it comes to reaching younger demographics, Facebook is not necessarily the best option. Instagram is definitely better for businesses who have young people in their target audience and using Instagram correctly can lead to more customers and a great community to support the business. Here are some Instagram tips for small businesses you should consider before creating an Instagram account or before launching an Instagram Marketing campaign:

Write A Good Bio Section

As on all social networks, you have to write a good bio in order to get noticed and to be sure users will know all the important aspects about your small business. The bio section has to be short, engaging and should allow users to understand your business. Since the bio is the only place on Instagram where you can use links, make sure you add your website.

Share Beautiful Images

Sure, this may sound like common sense, after all Instagram is all about gorgeous pictures, but make sure all your photos are amazing not only the one taken with a professional camera or by a photographer. Learn how to take beautiful photos with your phone and how to edit them to obtain the best results.

Create Memes

If you want to add text on your images, the best way to do it is by creating memes. These images tend to go viral so make sure you use Meme Generator or similar websites to learn about  meme trends. Don’t use text on pictures only to promote your products.

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Tell A Story

To make the best out of Instagram, you have to be able to share the story of your small business without trying to sell your products. Sure, you can use Instagram ads when you have special offers or discounts, but try to think of Instagram as a platform that can help you build a community not to sell products. Visual stories are the best and they can lead to sales on the long-term if you focus on building your brand’s reputation on the platform instead of constantly posting pictures of your products.

Be Personal

Since you share your small business’ story, you can include behind the scenes photos, photos of your employees, photos from your team-buildings, your office or anything that can show the users that your business is a business where people matter.

Create Visual Stories For Your Products

Telling your small business’ story also means introducing your products to your Instagram community. However, make sure you introduce your products in a fun way not a promotional way. The best way to do this is to include the products in lifestyle shots. A pair of stilettos looks amazing on a woman who is spending her afternoon drinking her coffee, a summer dress belongs on a woman who is relaxing on a sunbed on the beach and so on.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Facebook is not so keen on using hashtags, however Instagram is more like Twitter on this matter meaning using hashtags can really get your small business’ story out there. Make sure you use relevant hashtags that will help people to discover you and to connect with you.

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