How To Start A Starbucks Franchise In The USA

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By Adrian Cruce

Starting a Starbucks franchise is definitely something that you would consider since this is a shop that is practically known everywhere in the country and the brand is trusted by millions from all around the world. With this in mind, the opportunity is one that can bring in quite a lot of money.

The problem is that Starbucks only franchises on a highly limited basis. At this point in time there are no franchises that are accepted. However, you do have franchising offerings available for those that can prove they are qualified. It is quite hard to get on that list. You can follow the advice that is offered below or you can just wait until Starbucks opens the door for new franchises in the USA. This happens from time to time but you have to be on the lookout for the opportunity. Visit the Starbucks page for investors once every two weeks and keep your eyes open for the doors being open for investors.

how to start a starbucks franchise

Steps To Open The Starbucks Franchise

For starters, you need to find a really good retail space and own it. We recommend that you find a location in a resort, hospital, university, airport or whenever there is a whole lot of potential. Think about where many interested Starbucks customers are found as this is where Starbucks is most likely to agree to a franchising opportunity.

Try to get a retail space that is large enough to allow you to also offer other products. That would help out a lot because you can make more profit from what you sell. The extra products can range from ice cream and groceries to books. Starbucks is basically coffee culture and you can easily take advantage of this on the long run.

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The next step is contacting Starbucks and letting them know that you want to open a coffee shop in your retail space. The Seattle headquarters can be contacted directly and you can also send an email through the official website.

After you are accepted for a franchise, you need to go through training. It is important to let Starbucks train your staff and you. The company has to offer products, supplies, equipment and needs to help you set up an operation that is as similar as possible to the Starbucks company store.

Remember This!

Starbucks is world renowned. This makes it quite difficult to put your hands on the opportunity of putting your hands on something that is profitable on the long run. You need to have experience to run such a franchise and that is why Starbucks is really careful about who to choose. Your application will dictate the outcome. Make sure that it is as complete as possible and that you prove to the company that you can be successful managing everything.