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By Adrian Cruce

In order to get inspired and become a businessman, we need to know as much as possible about those businessmen that were really successful in the past. We will not tell you a lot about them. You need to start learning more about these successful businessmen. They were innovative and this is what made them so successful. So, without further ado, these are the most successful businessmen ever!

successful businessmen

  • John D. Rockefeller – If we calculate wealth and apply inflation, we instantly notice that Rockefeller is basically the richest man ever. His success stood in the creation of Standard Oil, a company that monopolized the entire oil industry. His genius stood in the fact that he controlled all production levels.
  • Bill Gates – We keep mentioning Bill Gates and there is a good reason for that. During the eighties he laid the foundation of Microsoft, which basically took over the entire computing world. Most computers in the world now run the Windows operating system and that is only a small part of all the software and hardware created.
  • Henry Ford – The pioneer of the automobile industry, he managed to change the way in which factories operated and how society operated. For a long time he was the face of the entire country and the company he created such a long time ago is still a major player.
  • Steve Jobs – Everyone knows Steve Jobs. He co-founded Apple, a firm that showcased how a personal computer can be really practical. He is definitely one of the most successful businessmen ever and Apple is one of the strongest players in various industries at the moment.
  • Soichiro Honda – Many did not hear about him but all know the Honda brand. he started working on small motorcycles in home country Japan and eventually conquered the local auto industry. The cars that he created eventually become popular in US, paving the way for many Japanese exports.
  • Andrew Carnegie – An immigrant that worked in a small factory as a child. He eventually become the best known and strongest steel magnate in the world. To make everything even more interesting, during his final years, he donated a lot to charity.
  • Carlos Slim – The one person that keeps battling Bill Gates for the title of “World’s Richest Man”. His money comes from the telecom industry but he is also the CEO of 3 companies.
  • Michael Dell – His engineering skills led to the creation of the computer and his company is among the biggest tech firms in the world today. Many Americans and people from around the world use Dell computers, as you surely know.
  • JP Morgan – One of the really successful businessmen, a corporate titan during the turn of the twentieth century. It should come as no surprise that he was a banker and that he oversaw major industry through industrial consolidation periods. He single handedly saved many of the New York banks when the 1907 crisis hit.
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Love them or hate them, these are people that we can learn a lot from, the most successful businessmen ever.