Running Your Business: Five Ways to Help Your Business Run More Effectively

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By Dzhingarov

As we all know, running a business is no simple task. Business owners are often pulled in a hundred different directions on a daily basis, and sometimes they lose focus on what really matters: running the business effectively so that it can grow and continue to prosper. To help bring that focus back, here are five ways to help your business run more effectively (and ultimately reach a greater level of success):


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1) Keep your customers happy

This should really be the #1 priority of any successful business. Without happy customers, you won’t make any sales. The best way to keep your customers happy is by being responsive to any issues that may arise. If you continue to solve their problems, they will continue to return to you.


2) Keep your employees happy

Without happy employees, you won’t have anyone to fulfill your company’s sales and provide support to your customers. Keeping your employees happy goes beyond good compensation. Employees want to feel valuable; When possible, give them more responsibility and show them how their work is valued. Offer praise when it’s deserved, but don’t forget about constructive criticism.


3) Utilize Business Payroll Checks and Money Management Programs

As a business owner or manager, if you’re spending more time on the administrative side of the business, you can’t spend as much time on business development (i.e. increasing sales). Wherever possible, you should look to automate the business’s administrative tasks so that they don’t consume as much of your valuable time.

One example of this would be setting up a system for business payroll checks. Instead of manually writing checks to employees and having to calculate payroll tax deductions on your own, there are services and products available to help you with this process (and in some cases, fully automate it for you). It is also wise to use a money management program to easily keep track of your finances.

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4) Set both short and long term goals

It’s not easy to achieve success when success isn’t planned. Short term goals ensure that your day-to-day operations are on track for smaller, incremental goals.

Long term goals allow you to look at the big picture. Your long term goal(s) should be the end result of achieving several shorter term goals. A business can’t be fully effective if it’s not setting goals and achieving them.


5) Evaluate past performance and use this to improve your current processes

Periodically, you should review the performance of your business by looking at financial or other metrics that are relevant to your business. How does it compare to what you expected? If you find areas for improvement, examine the processes that affect those areas and see if there are any positive changes you can implement.

As you can see, running your business effectively requires some work upfront. However, if you can manage to properly implement the above suggestions, your company’s future will be in much better shape. More importantly, you’ll be in a position to be more successful.

By Boris Dzhingarov