Why Increased Website Traffic Does Not Increase Small Business Profit

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By Dzhingarov

Statistics highlight the fact that 40% of people are now connected to the internet. Because of this, most of the small business owners will want to have a web presence. A lot of work is put into getting as much traffic as possible. Unfortunately, small business owners normally find themselves with a lot of extra traffic but not an increase in profits. More traffic does not mean more profit. This can happen due to various reasons we will highlight below.

Not Attracting The Right Visitors

More traffic is definitely great as you get the name of the company known but you do need the right traffic in order to increase your profits. You will be tempted to think that your business is doing great based on how many visit your site but that traffic is worthless if the visitors are not the right ones.

As a very simple example, let us say that you are currently selling dog food. If most of your traffic is made out of people that are looking for dog pictures, that traffic will not convert well and you will not have a high profit. Higher likelihood of gaining profit increases comes from targeting the appropriate keywords. Everything that you do in order to increase company site traffic has to be connected with attracting the right target audience. This includes search engine optimization, advertising and basically all marketing strategies.

Not Introducing The Business Owner/Company

The site’s visitors will want to know who they buy from. It is quite common that the About Us page of a site is not well-built. You want to create a really good Contact and About Us section. This is the only real way to be sure that people are going to trust the services and products that are promoted by the website.

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As an extra related tip, you want to be sure that you encourage communication. This means that you want to have a comment section, you want to add a contact email address and a contact phone number. All this makes the visitors feel valued. Try to ask for opinions and feedback whenever you can. If you do this, you will notice that sales will be boosted.

Not Knowing The Competitors

As you set up your online business, you want to know the target audience, of course, but you also need to know the competition. Always know everything that the competitors do. You are interested in differences and similarities. Such knowledge will allow you to easily make site adjustments. The research will showcase how the competitors handle various tasks, thus helping you to make good decisions in the future. Try to identify the flaws in sites that are similar to yours and improve on yours to increase profits.

Improper Purchasing Process

This is often seen when traffic keeps increasing and profit slowly rises or remains the same. You can easily make changes like page layouts and even titles in order to make the site really easy to use and clear. Be patient and always review the purchasing process. Make sure that it is adequate and that it is as simpler as possible.

Improper User Experience

User experience is paramount for a site’s profit. You will only be able to convert the new traffic into steady profit when you offer attractive content that is engaging, together with site sections that are well-written. The site should always look as professional as possible and very easy to navigate. You want to analyze the site sections that generate the most profit. Focus on them and improve those that do not work really well. It is something that is really important if you want to increase profits.

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