The 5 Best Cities in the World to Launch a Startup

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By Dzhingarov

Making the shift from employment to entrepreneurship is the best idea for people who know they have something to offer to the world. If you are talented at something or have the mind set up on creating successful business plans, it might be time for you to consider embarking on the adventure of start-ups. Now that you are ready to start your life over, you should also become the person who never limits himself, not even in terms of cities where to develop the new business. Taking this into account, let’s see which might be the best 5 cities in the world to launch a startup. You might be surprised to see which of the numerous options found place in our top list.


Culture in China is not really popular for fostering entrepreneurship. Young people living there are still pretty much controlled by parents and society which makes them stick to their traditional jobs for as long as possible. However, rapid increase in the number of start-ups is an estimated reality for the next two years. Even though many of them may have not yet gone to the next stage in their life, they will definitely find the courage to do so very soon.

No matter whether you are living there already or anywhere else in the world, you should consider Beijing on your list of options in terms of destinations that are appropriate to launch a startup. The market there is ready for new ideas and will embrace new businesses in no time.

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Another great advantage for start-ups there is represented by the annual tax deduction of up to $1.500 in China. This way, more and more focus on startups has become reality these days.

Kuala Lumpur

If you have already made some research trying to discover all about proper markets and countries to launch a start-up, Malaysia may have also attracted your attention. In this case, you should know that your intuition is well placed. It is a much cheaper destination in terms of costs of living than Singapore.

This is why numerous start-ups have been developed and launched there in the last year. Kuala Lumpur is the center of attraction in the business world there so you should definitely place it on your list of potential destinations for success. Moreover, there are three different nationalities found there so diversity in clients is already ensured.


Next on our list of great cities in the world to launch a startup comes from Poland: Warsaw. Why would you choose it? Because it has a bigger internal market as well as a much more powerful entrepreneurial history than other business centers like Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

This city has already registered a wide range of success stories in the business world of beginners. It keeps on attracting some of the most influential tech companies around the globe. Even Google has been attracted by this market so you definitely have a well-paved road to success in Warsaw.


Our first choice today is Moscow. This is because entrepreneurship is truly valued there even though the fear of failure is still present as well. There are numerous hardware companies there that have already written their success story. All you have to do is overcome your fear and get ready to write your own story of successful startup this year. The main advantage of this city is that its ecosystem is the most mature on the startup side among all its neighbors.

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India may not have been a society where business had a top place in the past but things have changed. Entrepreneurship is totally booming in this country and Bangalore is a great choice of city if success is what you are aiming for in the near future. The business market is good there and the startup scene is widely focused on engineering. If you consider this to be your field of activity as well then you must choose it for the launch of your startup.

These are five cities that we have considered worth placing on our list of top places where the launch of a startup might become the beginning of a new success story. Let us know your experience and how do you feel about starting your entrepreneurship experience there.