B2B Predictions For 2017

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By Dzhingarov

When it comes to B2B marketing, things are pretty clear – the mobile world will influence the way marketers will develop strategies and campaigns, but how about the general B2B predictions for next year?

From technology changes to influencer marketing and a change in consumer relationships, here are some B2B predictions for 2017:

Technology Predictions

B2B companies will focus on providing a personalized customer experience from the beginning to the end of the buying process. Automation and customization will allow marketers and business owners to make the most of personalized communication without investing a lot of time and money.

Data is vital and data analytics will continue to be incorporated by brands in their decision making process. The best part about B2B companies measuring everything they do is that a good analysis of the data can lead to better differentiators, better design and better messages for the target audience. Data analysis can lead to identifying new business opportunities as well as learning the impact of social and economic events on consumer behavior.

Online Security

The more successful a business is in the online world, the bigger the risk of becoming a victim of a cyber-attack. With this in mind, B2B companies will invest more money in protecting their brands against hackers and also developing programs that will allow them to have maximum exposure for their companies without the risk of their clients being victims of scams and attacks.

Influencer Marketing

B2C companies have a long history of promoting their products or services through various social media channels with the help of influencers. In 2017, B2B companies will turn to executives, speakers, business authors and experts in the business world to endorse their products or services.

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The Revival Of Creative Design

With all the information gathered by B2B companies from data analytics, creative design will become the main differentiator. The public wants visual media more than ever and this will give new challenges to the design teams that will have to find a way to make a B2B company easily recognizable through its product design, online design or advertising media.

Consumer Relationships

While personalized buyer experiences create loyalty among consumers, B2B companies will focus on providing more than a personalized buying experience in 2017. They will try to impress their clients through flawless execution, customer service and other steps involved in their business relationships.

Business Partnerships

Since the B2B world can be very competitive and B2B companies cannot always keep up with all the changes and developments in certain industries, it is predicted that 2017 will bring many partnerships between companies that were rivals in the past.

The best way to stay relevant in today’s market is by innovating the company’s products or services on a regular basis so it is no surprise that some B2B companies will decide to help each other instead of competing against each other. In this way, they will make sure they will stay relevant, provide the best products or services and continue to grow in a very competitive business world.