Corporate Gift Ideas For B2B Companies

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By Adrian Cruce

Finding the perfect gift can be a simple task when it comes to your loved ones however, things can get a little bit complicated when you have to find corporate gift ideas for B2B companies. Finding the perfect corporate gift is a challenging, but not impossible task if you remember a few things:

  • Keep the gift classy if you do not know many things about your client’s preferences;
  • Always add a personal note;
  • When in doubt, gift cards will save you.

Now, here are 5 corporate gift ideas for your clients:

Personalized Wine Or Whisky Decanter

A wine or whisky decanter is always a good idea, especially if you take the time to find a unique design and personalize the decanter with your client’s name. These decanters can be used by your client at home parties, office parties or during business meetings so it doesn’t even matter if the client loves whiskey and wine or not as long it can use the decanter to impress their guests.

Edible Arrangements

Edible arrangements are probably the most common gift during winter holidays but they are common for a very good reason – everybody needs and loves food. Based on how well you know your client, you can go for a classic arrangement or personalized one.

Fruit arrangements are pretty popular right now and they are the perfect gift for a team. You should definitely include a note with wishes for all the team members your company collaborated with during the year.

Subscription Box Membership

If you know your clients well, you can offer them subscription box memberships. Nowadays you can find subscription boxed for almost everything. From snacks, meal ingredients and healthy treats to make-up, fashion and craft supplies, there is literally something for everyone. You just need to make sure the clients will receive products they are interested in.

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A great aspect about this type of corporate gift is that you can usually choose between one moth, three months or even year-long membership subscriptions and your clients will think of you every single time they will receive their box.

Gift Cards

As we already mentioned, gift cards will get you out of trouble when you do not know what to give to your clients. Contributing to a dinner or offering a gift card that can be used in a particular shop will give the clients the freedom to buy anything they want and it is the best way for B2B companies to show gratitude to their clients when they are not sure what gift will make a client happy.


If you know a client of yours loves gadgets, a 3D pen might be the best gift for them. This device allows people to let their imagination run wild while creating 3D printed objects without a design software. This memorable gift will surely be appreciated by someone who loves gadgets but there are numerous other gadgets you can purchase for a client who is into technology. A kindle is another good idea, but, as we said, the opportunities are endless and you can always ask the clients what gadgets they prefer so you can purchase something they will use and enjoy.