Best Productivity Apps For Entrepreneurs

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By Adrian Cruce

Using apps to boost productivity is a trend that grows in popularity every year. More and more entrepreneurs rely on apps to boost their productivity and to help them be more organized. If you are curious what free apps that can help you boost our productivity as a new entrepreneur you can use, here are 4 suggestions:


RescueTime is an app available for Android, PC, Mac and Linux and it has a free version that can be used for setting goals and tracking time on websites. You will get a weekly report that will inform you how much time you spend online, which sites you browse frequently and, if you set goals for the week, you will also be able to see your progress in the reports.

The premium version of the app offers more features entrepreneurs can use to boost their productivity including blocking certain sites when they want to get something done, keeping a log of daily accomplishments and get alerts when goals are achieved.


Inklflow is a productivity app you can use if you have an iPad or an iPhone to take notes and organize them as you want. This app is great for when you don’t have time to search for a piece of paper and a pen to write your ideas or for the times inspiration hits you in wrong places where you cannot sit and take notes. Enters Inkflow, the app that allows you to take notes and arrange them as you want. The best thing about the app is that you can upload pictures to illustrate your ideas. This feature is amazing if you are a visual person.

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Evernote is probably the most loved productivity app in the entrepreneurial world. The app allows you to create, manage and edit notes, to upload images or audio, to organize a daily schedule, to create to do lists and even to record voice reminders. Evernote creates a workplace you can access from anywhere since it provides cross-platform services. This app will boost your productivity by making you an organized person.

Evernote also offers pricing plans to those who want to have access to other tools, such as sharing and editing notes between groups – a great feature for entrepreneurs who are rarely in the office but want to be able to see a project’s evolution and to contribute with ideas. is an app similar to Evernote that allows you to create lists, notes and reminders. The app won an award for its intuitive interface and the innovative features that makes it so useful for those who want to boost their productivity. is also a cross-platform app that allows you to manage your tasks, lists and notes from different devices and it has an extension for Chrome users that allows them to manage their tasks with their browser. What we love the most about this app is the fact that it encourages you to maintain a healthy balance between the work life and the personal life with the help of a calendar that makes it easier to remember your life events.