Is Crowdfunding A Viable Financing Option For Your Product Idea?

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By Dzhingarov

This is quite a difficult question to answer because of the fact that crowdfunding is often seen in a subjective way. Being completely objective when referring to the product you want to develop is something that is incredibly complicated. Because of this, it is vital that you are patient and that you try to keep everything as objective as possible. Something like this is much easier said than done.

The Subjectivity Problem

Aspiring entrepreneurs have an idea. They believe in that idea and they will do anything that they can to get it funded. Unfortunately, a huge problem stands in the fact that crowdfunding was really successful in 2015. This is a true double edged sword.

The media naturally covered the success stories. However, what the media failed to promote was the huge list of unsuccessful stories. Most of the crowdfunding campaigns that were launched in the year 2015 were failure. Your business can end up towards that if you do not actually understand what it takes to make it actually work.

The Financial Problem

The business managers that launch crowdfunding campaigns make many different mistakes. One of them is to not properly understand how much money is actually needed. Dealing with finances is complicated. You want to be patient and you want to always work with proper budget plans. Examples of things that you might neglect include:

  • Testing costs
  • Funder perk costs
  • Marketing costs

In some situations it is possible to end up with problems because you end up raising too much capital. When this happens it is difficult to manage all the extra funds. In an attempt to develop everything more, you can end up faced with huge problems as you would lose focus of everything. This happens much more often than what you may think.

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The Product Problem

One of the biggest problems with a product idea is that the individual may think that this is a wonderful think when the truth is that it is not and there is no need that is satisfied. You want to conduct a really good research before you work with the crowdfunding platform of choice. If you base your idea on a feeling that the product is needed, you make a huge mistake. Learning about intended customer behavior and necessities is something that counts a lot.

You want to be sure that the crowdfunding campaign will be successful and in order to do that you need the backing of people. If people do not need your product or do not find it as being interesting, it is a certainty that you will not receive funding. This is definitely something that you have to remember.

Should You Crowdfund Your Product Idea?

This is a question that you need to answer in a completely honest way. This is something that is really complicated. You need to think about everything that was mentioned above. What is really important is to conduct a really good research. Your main focus is launching a product that will actually sell and that will be needed. If this is not the case, you need to either improve the idea or find a new one for your business.