Brand Recognition Psychology – 3 Things To Know

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By Adrian Cruce

All marketers know that the main job they have is to convince consumers to purchase a service or products after noticing them. The conduit that appears is not necessarily important, as long as it is ethical. Consumer communication is more important than ever and the highly successful marketers do think about psychology when creating all marketing campaigns.

Modern brands are so much more than products and names. They are how the organization is perceived in the mind of all that encounter it, occasionally or regularly. Properly understanding human psychology is very important for both designers and marketers when structuring the initiatives of a brand. Various things can be said about branding psychology. However, everything starts with the following.

Simplicity And Consistency Bring Results

Broadcasting a brand image that is consistent is really important for marketing as this sparks consumer emotional reactions. Brand image has to spread across absolutely all promotion channels, including native ads online, social media, endorsements, product placement, TV advertising, partnerships and print media.

Humans tend to easily notice patterns. Our brain identifies the patterns and searches for regularity. Marketers that try to disturb the perceived patterns make a huge mistake when they do not fully understand what this means. Changing perceptions makes consumers notice but the change should be one that is attractive.

Colors Are Vital

So many brands these days are recognized in an instant because of the color scheme used. Every single color combination and color will spark psychological responses and emotional responses. Proper color use can so easily make or break an entire marketing campaign. For instance, the red and yellow of McDonald’s is known by practically everyone, appealing to children playful nature, sparking sales, appetites and even creating urgency for a faster turnover.

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According to many specialists, the most notable color use in history by a brand has to be Coca Cola. Red is stimulating appetites, increases heart rate, enhances passion and even encourages the impulsive purchases.

Taking Advantage Of Human Decision Making

Humans make most decisions based on a combination of factors driven by attention. This includes brand identification, external states (like social context, what friends tend to buy more) and internal states (like how thirsty you are).

Various physiological influences are going to be at play when looking at marketing. Successful professionals are going to be able to make brands stand out, making them memorable. Keep in mind that on a daily basis we are exposed to anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 messages issued by brands. When you understand human decision making it is so easy to differentiate the brand from all the others that send messages to the same target audience.


In marketing you basically need all the help that you can get. It is difficult to compete with all the other companies that fight for the exact same customers. Standing out is only possible when you do all that it takes, including taking advantage of human psychology.