What To Do If Your Best Salesperson Leaves The Company

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By Dzhingarov

Sooner or later, your very best salesperson will leave your company. They will quit or will go to work for your competition. That is something that you always need to take into account and you should be prepared for what is about to happen. When you replace your salesperson, everything will be complicated. What is really important is to basically make things civil. Just keep the relationship professional as you never know what will happen.

The thing is, in business, you need to focus on the clients, not on the salesperson. A really good salesperson creates strong connections with clients. When the salesperson leaves, there is a possibility that the clients will too. This is what you have to remember at all times.

When that very best salesperson announces you that he/she is leaving, you need to think about two things:

  • Is the salesperson leaving or did the person already sign a contract?
  • Where will the salesperson go?

If that employee wants to leave but the contract is not signed, you can easily make a good counteroffer. If there is a commitment signed, you want to focus on the future. Focus on the following things.

NDA Agreements

The NDA agreements are really important for your entire business. You want to be sure that the contract signed included this non-disclosure cause. If not, problems can appear. Non-compete clauses are always penalty-driven and they are definitely negative. Always focus on being covered from a legal point of view. If you have doubts, work with your attorney to protect yourself in the future.

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Why Was Your Salesperson A Star?

It is important to identify the reasons why you had a salesperson that was really successful. The smart business manager will document knowledge, abilities and skills, basically everything that made the individual profitable and productive. Get in touch with the key clients and see what they appreciated when referring to the relationship with the salesperson.

Start Looking For A New Salesperson

It is really important that you act as fast as possible. Really great salespersons will not be found overnight. You want to create a shortlist really fast and invest in the company’s salespeople retention program. Make sure that you identify exactly what made that individual successful and what you want to look out for in the future. Remember that tests do not actually guarantee successful hiring. However, tests do aid you on the long run.

Possible Training Relationship

We said that you want to make the relationship a civil one and that you do not argue because you might still need that star salesperson. One part of the equation when the professional is needed is to train potential new employees. Training new people can prove to be really important, especially when referring to the company’s systems, culture and what the salesperson did to succeed.

Training the new salesperson takes a huge investment of time and money. This is a lot easier when you have the help of the salesperson that leaves. Such a working relationship is easy to establish in the event that the staff member leaves because you cannot afford to pay as much as he/she is worth. The two parties can easily understand each other in such a situation.

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The bottom line is that you want to act professionally, no matter what. Be careful and always be sure that your salesperson team is well taken care of. That is one of the most important things that have to be remembered. You want to be patient and you want to always keep a close eye on how sales are generated since this is the foundation of your business.