Business Etiquette in Germany

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By Dzhingarov

The basis of any developing business culture is its approach, outlook and manner. These characteristics differ inside and throughout different nations and civilizations. They are intensely entrenched within societies.

This post will educate you on the business etiquette in Germany. Following are a few traits to begin the learning process with and which will prepare you enough to face your new German clients by leaving a captivating impression on them.


business etiquette germany

Germans are known for being the masterminds of business. They tend to plan every move beforehand to the extent that they know what they would be doing on a certain time on a certain day. They take all of their projects extremely serious and study each facet with immense focus on details.

In most cases the German way of living is synchronized with an arrangement. In simpler words, they are the kind of business professionals we see in those serious movies. Therefore don’t let the fascination rule your mind, stay attentive and reflect back to them with a similar attitude.

The Value of Qualification

germany qualifications

Entitlements, qualifications and diplomas mean a lot to Germans. A person with great professional skills and decent educational records is worthy of their respect. They believe that the secret to a life governed by proper order and structure is to draw strong lines of separation between individuals, places and objects. Therefore, display as many qualifications and achievements as you have and can but of course in an appropriate manner and at the right moment.


german business punctuality

Germans prefer to be in control of everything in their lives. They like to systematize their world in manageable units. Therefore, time is of utmost importance to them. Showing up late for a meeting will severely damage you image in front of a German.

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They are prone to feel offended even if you are a couple of minutes late as they are exceptionally punctual themselves. A wise move is to show up 5 to 10 minutes early for an important meeting. All it will take is a trivial calculation but the result will definitely be significant for the success of your business.

Exchanging Gifts

business gifts germany

Germans are always to the point. They despise beating around the bush as the time is very important to them so they get straight to work. Therefore formalities and services like exchanging gifts on business trips are not practiced. They prefer focusing on work rather than practicing the unneeded formalities.

Suitable gifts in business meetings are things that may be of their use for the business itself like fine pens, paper weights etc. It is best to remain as professional as possible in the beginning and leave the gift exchanging part for the end; if done properly, you might establish an important business connection.


german business appearance

Apart from what rank they maintain or where they are going, Germans take great pride in dressing well. The way in which you appear and how you present yourself counts a lot for them especially in the business field. The dress code in the German business etiquette is formal, unfussy and modest – in a single word elegant.

If you follow the aforementioned pointers with accuracy, it will not be hard for you to expand your business in a country like Germany. However, if you’re one of those professionals who like to balance their social lives with their clients, you will be disappointed with them.

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Those who want to excel from a professional point of view and have other people to satisfy their social need, can easily flourish their deals with the Germans. Germans certainly know how to get things done fast and in the most efficient manner. We all have a lot to learn from them by following their business etiquette.