Wonderful Business Ideas For Your Children

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By Dzhingarov

You might think running a business is an activity for adults, not for children who should have fun and stay away from responsibilities. But who says business cannot be fun? The idea of your kids running their own businesses shouldn’t involve them doing something that they do not like, but something that they love very much. Transforming a hobby into a business can be a fun process with a lot of learning opportunities along the way. The parents should supervise the activities, mentor the child and teach the child about finances, responsibilities, time management and other valuable things that will help later in life. This is also a great bounding opportunity for families, so here’s our top 7 great business ideas for kids:

  1. Handmade Gifts

If you have a creative kid, he will love the idea of running a homemade gifts business. This is a good chance to earn extra money during holiday season. The handmade gifts can be everything from home baked cookies to accessories and jewelry. This is also a great way for children to develop their imagination and their creative skills.

  1. Pet Sitting Services

Pet owners are concerned about their pets during their holidays or business trips. If your children love pets, this is a great opportunity for them to spend some time with animals and to earn money at the same time. The pet sitting services can include walking, feeding and grooming. You can start by talking to your neighbors who own pets and you can allow your child to do this on a daily basis or only when the neighbors are out of town.

  1. Corner Stand

A corner stand can be anything, a lemonade stand, a baked goods stand, homemade snacks stands or other anything that is loved by your neighbors. This activity will guarantee some extra income for your child and it is also a great opportunity to make your little one interact with people from the neighborhood.

  1. Sell Old Clothes And Old Toys

Kids grow and they need new clothes, trends change and kids want new toys so instead of having a garage full of clothes that don’t fit anymore and toys that are not used, kids can learn to sell their old toys online or through a garage sale where other kids can participate. The clothes can be sold to consignment shops or at the garage sale.

  1. Party Animator

Older kids can entertain younger kids at their parties and win some extra money for their vacation or video games. If your children are into organizing events, they can also help with planning, arranging the set-up for the party and discussing with the small children’s parents to establish all the details for a successful party. During the party, the kid can be the funniest clown, a skillful juggler or a talented musician, basically anything that he/she likes and will entertain the other kids.

  1. Photography

If your kid loves to take hundreds of pictures every time you are on a family trip, there are a lot of opportunities to earn some money out of this hobby. Online, you can find photo-sharing platforms where you can set up an account and display your child’s photography. People who want to use the pictures will have to pay for them.

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Pictures are also great for greeting cards so printing the pictures and creating greeting cards can be a good alternative for online selling.

  1. Online Videos

Kids these days can earn a lot of money by creating videos and sharing them on various online platforms. From how-to-videos to fun activities, creating videos can be a good opportunity for your kid to be creative, earn extra cash and learn how to engage an audience.