How Capitalizing On Trends Like Pokemon Go Has Helped Businesses Win Customers

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By Dzhingarov

In only one week after the launch, the augmented reality game, Pokemon Go, created and huge hype and has been installed on numerous mobile devices. The engagement was also something unprecedented and that caught the attention of numerous business owners to capitalize on trends like Pokemon Go to win customers.

Since Pokemon Go users were spending a lot of time looking for Pokemon in local stores, restaurants, parks and even movie theaters, numerous businesses decided to create creative marketing campaigns to bring people in their locations. If you want to be able to capitalize on trends like Pokemon Go to win customers, here are some ideas:

Learn About The Trend

With the intention of capitalizing on Pokemon Go, business owners played the game in order to be able to develop creative marketing strategies to bring in new customers.

Tip: Before getting involved in a trend, make sure you know everything about it and find creative ways to involve your business in the trend and to engage with your audience.

Lure New Customers In

Pokemon Go offers a range of in-app purchases for users and that included Lures. Businesses purchased them to lure Pokemon and numerous users gathered around the businesses’ locations to catch the Pokemon. After catching Pokemon, people stopped for a pizza or a drink so the restaurants were able to use this type of strategy to win customers, especially if their businesses were close to PokeStops.

Tip: If you want to capitalize on trends like Pokemon Go, you have to be familiar with them and to find the best way to use them to bring customers closer to your location.

Get Involved In The Game

Another amazing idea business owners had when the Pokemon Go hype started was to get involved in the game and to engage with potential customers. Some business owners ordered personalized Pokemon Gym badges and gave discounts to the teams that were in control of the Pokemon Gym. Some used boards to keep the score while others were active on social media where they posted screenshots using hashtags.

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Tip: In order to capitalize on new trends, you have to get involved and engage with potential clients by using the same apps and resources they use.

Go Where Your Clients Are

Not all businesses were situated close to PokeStops or Pokemon Gyms but that did not stop them to capitalize on the Pokemon Go Trend. Fashion retailers brought some of their clothes to parks, restaurants organized barbecues in parks and numerous other businesses decided to move their business from their locations to places where people were hunting for Pokemon.

Tip: Find where your potential customers are and take your business on the road. You can sponsor events or you can move the business to a park for summer months. Learn about the trends you want to capitalize on and then find the best option for your business.

Use Social Media To Win Customers And To Engage With Them

Businesses who were not situated near a PokeStop or Pokemon Gym and couldn’t move their business to a park or a location with Pokemon started to play Pokemon Go in their location and shared their Pokemon on social media. Some business owners created rarity charts with rare and valuable Pokemon they were able to catch in their location.

Some got the Pokemon Go users involved and they paid them for sharing screenshots of the rare Pokemon they found near their location.

Tip: Get people who are following a trend to promote our business. Pay influencers or people who have a large social media following to show that your business is involved in a trend. This type of advertising won’t be perceived as advertising by those who love a certain trend. They will look at your business as part of the trend rather than looking at it like a business that is trying to promote their products or services.