Why Even A Small Business Can Benefit From Defining Its Mission Statement

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By Adrian Cruce

Small business owners tend to jump steps and to try to go into selling their products or services as soon as they open their businesses. While speeding up the process is understandable, especially if the entrepreneur invested his savings into his business, ignoring the initial steps can be detrimental to the success of the company.

The mission statement can help a small business be results oriented and it defines the whole purpose of its existence. It provides context and framework and it also offers valuable information to employees, potential customer and even investors.

What Is The Purpose Of A Mission Statement For A Small Business?

As already mentioned, the mission statement provides context for a business, it is the reason the company exists and it reflects the values of the company. Through a mission statement, the owner of a small business ca explain why he opened the business and can attract new customers. People relate to businesses that have stories explained through mission statements. Why? Because it is easier to relate with a business that knows its purpose.

An entrepreneur has vision, ideas and a lot of creativity, but in order to make a business successful, the founder also needs a plan and a strategy. While developing a business plan, an entrepreneur should spend some time developing a mission statement. This step will not only allow a better understanding of the vision but also a better understanding of what’s important and what steps should be made in order to develop the business.

When knowing the small business they work for has a very well defined purpose, employees will be motivated and more willing to work to achieve good results.

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What Does A Mission Statement Include?

In order to write a mission statement that will make people relate to a company, entrepreneurs should answer some questions and then transform the answers into a short text that will express the business’ purpose, while outlining its tone of voice, its commitment to the purpose. The mission statement should also inspire trust.

The main questions an entrepreneur needs to answer before writing the mission statement are:

  • What is the problem(s) the organization is trying to fix or what needs the organization addresses?
  • How will the organization address the needs or fix the identified problem(s)?
  • What are the main principles of the organization and how will they serve the purpose of it?

What Is The Best Way To Develop A Mission Statement?

Before sitting down to write the mission statement of the business, an entrepreneur should brainstorm with his employees, his partners and his investors in order to establish the best way to express the organization’s purpose. The tone of voice should also be discussed, the main purpose should be defined and the main objectives should be outlined. In this way the entrepreneur will know that his business will have a mission statement to which all those involved in the business will accept and respect.

The brainstorming session is also a great way to determine if all those involved are in line with the beliefs and values of the organization and it will allow the business owner to make adjustments if necessary.