Useful Tips To Help You Write Much Better Business Essays

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By Adrian Cruce

When it comes to business essay writing it is not just the students that have problems. Even experienced businessmen find this difficult. The big problem is that a god business essay needs to be original and you cannot repeat what you have been doing for a long time now. It is so easy to get stuck using a formula and not be able to write a new business essay. If you want to avoid blocks or you simply want to be a lot better at writing business essays, here are some useful tips that actually help you.

Read Business Essays Written By Others

The internet is filled with databases with business essays you can read but few people ever read them. This is a common mistake since people tend to think that it is not a good idea to read what others did in the past.

Similarly to how books influence your writing style, the essays written by someone else will make you a lot better at writing your own essays. Try to read as many essays as you can, including those that are written by colleagues and those in the database of the university.

It is also a really good idea to go beyond business essays. Read papers written on different subjects and from different disciplines. This allows yout o find new styles and arguments you can use. The more you read, the higher the possibility that you pick up techniques in your very own business essay.

Constantly Build Your Vocabulary

Many think that having a very good vocabulary for business essay writing is all about business terms but this is incorrect. The person that has a really good vocabulary is going to easily express anything desired, in a concise and clear way. The best essays out there are those that give as much information as possible with as little words as possible. That can only be done by the writer when vocabulary is large.

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Some tips to help you improve your vocabulary:

  • Subscribe to Word A Day services – one example here.
  • Read as much as you can and use a dictionary whenever you do not understand a word.
  • Use the thesaurus – it is surprising to see how many do not actually use this since it is a great resource that gives you numerous suggestions. However, be sure that the words you find can be interchangeably used. Sometimes a subtle difference can lead to the entire sentence having a different meaning. Use the dictionary to help you.
  • Learn Roots, suffixes and prefixes.

Essay Elevator Pitching

Everybody talks about how to write a very good business essay plan before writing starts. However, before this is done you need to fully understand and know the argument that is going to be made. You can only build essay structure after you have that argument since the plan needs to build towards the conclusion. The Elevator Pitch style summary helps you to write what is intended and the reasons why anyone reading would be interested.

Generally, an Elevator Pitch is used in sales so it is perfect in business writing of any kind. Use it for business essay writing and you will be surprised to see the results. At the very minimum you can manage to get a better idea about the essay plan you draft.

Triple Check Tone Of Voice, Punctuation And Syntax

While you can get away with some minor mistakes in blog writing or anything you do online, if you write a business essay, every single mistake will lower quality. Even if you do not consciously realize this, sophisticated sentence structures will be huge in terms of how intelligent the entire essay sounds. Make sure that you make everything really easy to read but do be sure that you use proper and interesting syntax. Try to use different sentence structures, both short and long, and never let sentences become too rambling and long. Punctuation is then the next thing to consider since it is especially important for arguments.

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Speaking about tone of voice, you might already have one in mind for your business essay and may think that you used it everywhere. However, at a proofreading you will surely find some differences you do want to solve. Consistency is important. Also, if you write in a confident tone, the reader will be much easier to convince about practically anything.