Top Sandwich Franchise Opportunities In USA

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By Adrian Cruce

Sandwich franchises are quite a big business. We are faced with various opportunities that are available for those that are looking for a great business opportunity in the USA and the truth is that you cannot really go wrong with these options as people just love sandwiches. It is not at all difficult to offer exactly what people want so you will make money whether you are experienced or not.



Everyone around the world knows Subway. There are over 34,000 franchises opened since 1974 and the startup costs range from $80,000 to $250,000 based on size that you want. The entire sandwich industry is looking at this option in order to see a sign of quality products and much more. Subway was actually the first fast-food chain that managed to top McDonald’s starting in 2010 with the introduction of the breakfast sandwiches. Drive-thru service is expected to be introduced in the future so it is the perfect time to consider this franchise opportunity with a brand that is highly respected in the country.

Charley’s Grilled Subs

Charley’s Grilled Subs

There are only a little over 350 franchises that appeared since 1991 and startup costs vary from $100,000 to $430,000. This is not an option that is as great as Subway but you do need to consider it since the earning potential is quite high, especially in the event that there are many Subway franchises nearby and you want to offer something different. The person behind this franchise is Charley Shin. At only 22 years old he bought a really small restaurant to create the subs option at the Ohio State University. Then, as time passed, the business kept growing up to the point where you need to absolutely consider it when looking for a great subs franchise in USA.

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Firehouse Subs

Firehouse Subs

With a similar number of franchises up as Charley’s Subs and established in the year 1995, this franchise option is very interesting for those that are interested. Startup costs range from $180,000 to $410,000, which may be a little out of the reach of some investors. The first franchise option appeared in the year 1994 and the business is the work of two former firefighter brothers, Robin and Chris Sorensen, thus the name. As you most likely expected, the franchise opportunity is also really active as a part of the community, supporting fire departments, emergency medical services and law enforcement agencies.

Pita Pit Inc.

Pita Pit Inc

This franchise opportunity is really close to 300 franchises since the year 1997. Startup costs are in the mid-range with $190,000 to $310,000. Pita Pit Inc is constantly becoming more attractive because of the fact that consumers are much more interested in calorie counts and nutritional information. We are faced with a franchise that gives you access to really tasty Lebanese-style pitas in a combination with fresh vegetables, cheeses, toppings, lean meat and sauces. Soups and salads are also included in the menu.



This is the last franchise option for subs in USA that we have to consider. The only problem with it is that the startup costs are the highest on the list here, ranging from $365,000 to $2,400,000. The very first Arby’s sub restaurant was opened in 1964 in Ohio with a really simple menu. Now it is growing fast with various interesting options that are available for those that are interested in something really tasty. The menu is really varied and Arby’s is definitely a sandwich franchise option you want to take into account.

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