Direct Marketing Tips For Local B2B Firms

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By Dzhingarov

Communicating directly to consumers is a great way for locally focused B2C business to promote and sell their products and to get feedback from their clients. There are different direct marketing approaches a B2C can consider including direct mail, leaflets marketing, email marketing, SMS marketing, telemarketing and social media marketing. Before talking about these direct marketing approaches for locally focused B2C businesses, we have to mention that all direct marketing campaigns should be ethical, measurable and targeted.

Direct Mail

Direct mail sounds is old-school marketing but can be very effective if done properly. Locally focused B2C businesses can send various catalogues via direct mail and get new customers easily if the catalogues are done right. To obtain good results from direct mail, marketers have to come up with a great catalogue concept that will make their clients and potential clients interested in their products.

B2C businesses that sell clothing articles, grocery stores and similar businesses can use direct mail as part of their marketing efforts to gain new customers and to create loyalty programs for existing customers.

Leaflet Marketing

Distributing leaflets or flyers can raise awareness about a product and increase sales. Leaflets work great for B2C businesses that have a broad audience on a local market. Even though it is not a targeted form of direct marketing, this type of approach can help B2C businesses gain new customers, especially if they advertise their promotions, offer discounts to new clients and special offers for existing clients.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost effective marketing approach to direct marketing and it also allows marketers to measure their results easier. B2C businesses can create successful email marketing campaigns if they personalize their emails and know how to appeal to their target audience. Email marketing can include promotional emails for existing clients but it can also be used to generate new leads.

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SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is another cost effective direct marketing technique that allows B2C businesses to communicate directly with their clients. SMS Marketing is great for promoting sales, delivery reminders or personalized offers but it shouldn’t be used as a channel to promote all the products or services provided by a B2C.


Contacting potential clients via phone and selling them products or services can be a great tool for locally focused B2C businesses, however without planning and research, telemarketing can be a terrible idea. Customer data is vital for a telemarketing campaign and can lead to new customer prospects and direct feedback from clients.

Social Media Marketing

We live in the era of social media and a B2C business should invest in social media marketing. What is great about social media marketing is that marketers can easily create personalized campaign for their target audience and can also use social media to keep in touch with their clients and to learn their preferences. Using social media also allows businesses to connect with their target audience on a regular basis without invading people’s privacy and annoy them with promotional materials or phone calls.