Outsourcing IT Support – Yes or No?

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By Dzhingarov

Outsourcing vs in-house will always create a debate in the B2B world no matter what type of service a business wants to outsource or maintain in-house. There are pros and cons on each side and deciding whether it is best to outsource or to do certain tasks in-house usually depends on a variety of things. However, when it comes to IT support things are not as complex since the decision of outsourcing vs in-house IT support usually depends on the company’s budget. Here are a list of things you should consider before making the decision to outsource or to keep IT support in-house:

Cost Of Outsourcing vs Cost Of In-House IT Support

Small B2B companies can rarely afford an in-house IT department or IT Manager since hiring people who work in IT involves spending a lot of money. However, not having an IT support in place can cause a lot of damage to a business who can lose clients and waste time trying to fix something they do not know how to fix. Therefore, in this case, outsourcing IT support is definitely a better and less expensive option.

Better Safe Than Sorry!

Another important aspect to consider before hiring an in-house IT Manager is – will they have enough work to do on a daily basis? This is another question, small B2B companies need to answer before deciding which option is better. In case the answer is no, outsourcing is the answer. But, if your IT expert is overwhelmed with work but you cannot afford another staff member, you have the option of having your IT person managing the relationship with the business you choose for outsourcing IT support. If your staff member is sick or on vacation, you’ll know that you are covered in case a serious issue occurs.

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The Latest Technology

Since the IT industry is constantly changing, it is important to invest in new software upgrades or new programs that will help your business to be protected in case of a problem and will also give you access to the latest solutions that will make your B2B better. Spending money on all the necessary software and programs is quite an investment so if you cannot afford it, outsourcing your IT support is the right decision for you. If your B2B has a dedicated budget for the IT department, then you can keep your IT support in-house but make sure you hire an expert that is up to date with the latest technologies.

Quick Fix

If your B2B can afford hiring an IT Manager then having at least one IT expert in-house is a good idea. In case something happens, the IT expert will be there to help immediately. The in-house IT expert can also create a recovery plan for your B2B to avoid costly downtime. Even though companies that provide IT support are fast when it comes to a problem, having an in-house IT expert will solve the issue faster since it is easier to determine the problem and the recovery strategy.