Does Your B2B Company Use Mobile Tech Effectively Enough

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By Adrian Cruce

The mobile world cannot be ignored nowadays when creating a marketing campaign or when trying to engage and build relationships with existing and potential clients. Since mobile devices are used for numerous tasks on a daily basis, B2B companies have to make sure they use mobile tech effectively and they do no waste their efforts on strategies that do not work.

How To Use Mobile Tech Effectively For B2B Companies?

In order to guarantee the success of your mobile tech efforts, you have to always keep the context in mind and to determine your tactics based on it. You can use one channel or multiple channels to interact with your clients and potential clients therefore you need to have a list of established tactics for different situations. For example, when you need to collect info from the field, use a mobile app and when you need to send urgent notifications, use SMS.

Marketers should use a combination of email, SMS and other mobile strategies to engage with their audience so here are a few ideas and examples of how to use mobile tech effectively for a B2B company:

Sync Up SMS And Email Campaigns

The first thing you have to do if you want to start using multiple mobile tools is to make sure your email and SMS campaigns do not contain the same message. Use SMS when you have a short and urgent message to send but don’t count on it, email marketing is not dead so for messages that contain a lot of information stick to sending regular emails. Or, if you want to make sure your clients get your message, send a text to announce the receivers that they have an important email to read. Make sure you do not abuse this technique since people can get annoyed pretty fast if you make them open their email to read something that is not important for them.

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Simplify Your Job Using Marketing Automation

In case you didn’t do it yet, expand the automation’s capabilities of your B2B company to the mobile world to make sure the process of connecting with your audience is easier and faster. There are many ways you can benefit from marketing automation, but make sure you do not forget the personal touch. For example, you can offer customer service via SMS. It is cheaper but also more efficient for the clients who does not have time to wait for someone to answer their call. This type of service can obviously be used only for basic questions but having one in place will allow your customer service staff to be able to answer only phone calls with questions that cannot be answered via SMS.

Create Mobile Loyalty Programs

B2C companies create mobile loyalty programs all the time and B2B companies should get on board and start to create similar programs to build stronger relationships with their clients. When clients receive special offers they tend to trust a business more and to feel appreciated. This, on the long run, leads to better business relationships but also more sales.