Are You Leveraging Your Investment In Your CRM Platform?

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By Adrian Cruce

If you want to leverage the investment you make in your CRM Platform you need to mainly think about the following:

  • Choosing a CRM system that does not have a high learning curve while offering high flexibility for the budget available.
  • Database segmentation of contacts in ecosystems or groups.
  • Using numerous tools in order to create marketing campaigns with better results.

It is never enough to just add CRM software and use it in order to get results. You want to be effective with the time you have while cultivating network relationships and tracking all the data that is very important for the contacts.

What Is The Best CRM For You?

Always choose a program that you are very comfortable with when thinking about daily use and learning. A user-friendly interface is what helps the most at the end of the day while also having the features that you need in order to succeed. Basically, look for the following:

  • Customer support – Reliable tech support has to be available, together with tutorials and as many resources as possible.
  • Customizable – Tools and features have to be customized based on personal preference and company needs.
  • Technical expertise level – Think about how much time is needed to learn the software.
  • Tool integration – Does the CRM system integrate Google Docs, email, Mailchimp and so on?

Tracking Information With CRM Software

It is not that difficult to get basic information from your prospects like email, name and contact numbers. However, much more information is necessary to get the insight you need for the best possible service. This can include age, marital status, occupation, income estimates, location, extra-curricular activities, associations, influence, employer and even for how long you have been knowing the person. The idea is to track as much relevant information as possible with the software. You are interested in the data that is actually going to help you to strengthen the bond and generate future repeat sales.

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Getting Data For The CRM Software

In most cases it is not at all a great idea to grill the prospects with questions after questions. This should only be done when highly relevant. Generally, the best option is to offer some sort of value item so that the prospect would quickly open up. Interviewing prospects is always a necessity as it allows you to engage in conversations that are meaningful and that can add value. The interview can be posted on a website, on a blog and even shared on social media, together with an invite for people to join and something of value to reward them.

The big problem in many cases is finding enough prospects to actually get a clear idea of what you could do in the future. Prospects can come from practically any credible source, including online listings, Yelp, classified advertising websites, e-commerce platforms and chambers of commerce.

Vital CRM Software Integration Tools

In order to truly leverage your CRM platform investment you want to combine the software with other tools that are going to improve time management and future results. Exporting CRM data to various documents is normally a necessity. Some of the integrated software to consider include:

  • Google Sheets
  • Google Analytics
  • Email application
  • Email manager
  • Social management software

Market Segmentation

Last but not least, we need to be sure that the database created is properly segmented so that a proper strategic marketing campaign is going to be created. You basically have to both index and group contacts based on specific factors and criteria. This makes it very easy to send automated emails that are personable and that can lead to really good results. You want to be sure you never send generic messages about anything to the database. You want to be much more specific so that you can send information that is relevant to the right database segment.

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There will be contacts that will want business exposure. Others will just want some discounts on future purposes. When you manage to give prospects, potential customers and current customers what they want, the entire customer service experience is improved.