3 Ways To Use Loyalty Schemes To Keep Your Customers Coming Back

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By Dzhingarov

Loyalty schemes are important for your customers and your business. They help increase repeat customers and always increase overall profits. However, the competition that appeared on the market in practically all industries means that customers want more and more from the loyalty schemes offered by brands. You want to be sure that you offer exactly what the customers want if you want them to keep coming back. This is why researching what customers want is paramount for the development of a proper loyalty scheme.

If you want to improve your loyalty program, here are 3 ways in which you can improve. Consider them and you will see increased customer satisfaction and long term sales increases.

Use Loyalty Schemes To Get Customer Insight

Customer insight is valuable but you cannot exaggerate when you enter the individual’s life. This is why it is normally a really interesting idea to use your loyalty scheme in order to get some customer insight. The best loyalty program is the one that offers a specific choice of treatments or services with the purpose of revealing data about customer personal preference. This practically means that you should find ways in which you could learn more about your customers through the loyalty program you set up. Something as simple as offering a coupon code when a feedback form is filled can bring in some incredible results, with customer insight you can easily use for future campaigns and even development.

Give Customers Options

This is very important. Not all customers are going to be interested in some coupon codes or discounts. Also, in the event you have a really high number of customers enrolled in your loyalty program, they might want discounts to other items than what you initially prefer. Different people have different tastes so it should be normal to gain access to various options that could be used. You want to give customers a choice as you develop the loyalty program. What would most of the customers want? Answer that question and develop different options so that you could entice people to actually take advantage of the loyalty scheme.

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Loyalty Points System

This is by far the most common option used when developing loyalty schemes. Any system that is based on points is going to have the possibility of increasing sales on the long run. The problem is that most of the schemes used at the moment simply rely on one-off campaigns. This is a mistake, especially when you are interested in long term results.

As an example, let’s say that you are offering a coupon code discount system that is valid for 1 month. This may not be enough if you see that customers do not actually use the discounts you were offered. An alternative would be to offer the discount forever or to simply reward every single purchase through a points based system. That is the best option to consider in many cases since it can entice customers to make that one extra purchase to reach a points threshold.