Face To Face Marketing For B2B Companies

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By Dzhingarov

We live in the digital era, we promote companies through Social Media, through websites, blogs, webinars, videos and graphics. Some B2C companies interact with their target audience online only. There is no real connection between the client and the company. While this type of interaction might work in B2C, when it comes to B2B, meeting customers is way too important to be ignored.

If a B2C company can manage their entire operations online because they sell products directly to consumers and they can easily obtain data about them through their websites and social networks, creating in this way a pretty accurate client profile, B2Bs have to work a little bit more in order to obtain the same results.

Face-to-face Marketing is the most powerful approach for B2B because it not only offers all the information that B2Cs find through their websites and social channels, but through this type of marketing business owners can find answers to their questions, can discover the whys behind the decision to purchase or not, and can influence the decision to buy.

Advantages Of Face-To-Face Marketing

  1. You Build Strong Relationships

Sure, everybody thinks it is easier to promote a business through online marketing, but you cannot deny the benefits of face-to-face interaction.

If you look at your clients like you look at your relationship, you’ll understand immediately why, while social media keeps you connected with your loved one, it cannot be compared to face-to-face interaction, quality time spent together and meaningful conversations. Same things go for your business. You need to understand your clients and their needs, you need to build a strong relationship based on trust and values. This is extremely hard to do through online marketing if not impossible.

  1. You Can Save Money

Another common misconception is that online marketing is cheaper compared to face-to-face to marketing but is that really the case? If your B2B targets difficult industries, online marketing can be very expansive and there is no guarantee that your efforts will lead to new clients.

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By no means we’re saying it is bad to promote your B2B online! Be present where your customers are, but when you are looking for new clients try to find a way to connect with them in real life.

Being present at events and expos can be the best way to interact directly to your target audience. People who visit expos are usually interested in the industry and you are in and they want to learn more about it or to find the best product/service for their business.

If you know how to choose the events and expos you attend, you’ll save money and find new clients in no time.

  1. Fast Results

When it comes to face-to-face marketing, you can make a business that never heard about you to sign a long term contract with your company after only minutes in a discussion, if your selling skills are on point. If you are not that good and you need a build-up before talking about your company, take your time and make sure you pay attention to verbal and non-verbal communication at the same time. You can transform a meeting into a sale or not, but if you keep an open mind and learn as much as you can about the person that sits in front of you, you will be able to improve your method and to learn about your audience’s needs at the same time.